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From Fear to Freedom: Embracing Courage and Power

"Use your fear... it can take you to the place where you store your courage." - Amelia Earhart.

This powerful quote shared by my dear friend Angela resonated deeply with me, prompting a reflection on my own journey of conquering fears and finding the courage to create freedom.

In this blog post, I want to share my personal experience with overcoming the fear of public speaking and how it transformed into a source of empowerment. My hope is to inspire you to confront your own fears and recognize the tremendous opportunities that lie beyond them.


The Journey of Conquering Fear

Public speaking is a fear that many of us can relate to, and it has been a significant challenge in my life as well. Twelve years ago, I made a decision to change fear into power. I realized that if I wanted to make a difference, I needed to face this fear head-on. It wasn't an easy path, with moments of self-doubt, negative self-talk, and sweaty hands. But I persevered, pushing through the discomfort...

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How to find purpose as an empty nester or in retirement

mindset & mindfulness Mar 19, 2023

How do I know my purpose? How do I know my true big Why? How do I know what's really true for me? How do I know if my gut is telling me the truth? 

And what if I know my why but how can I find the strength, confidence, and tenacity to keep going and not give up? How do I know I am strong enough?

When I sent you a survey last week asking what's important to you after 40, some of you mentioned finding purpose after becoming an empty nester and during retirement. 

Your answers inspired me to take a deeper look at my own life. And even though I am only 44, I am starting to ponder the same questions.


By the way, these and more topics we will be covering in the upcoming training "Healthy After 40" on March 24th, Friday 10:30am-12pm CST.

We will cover these five points:

  1. How to be consistent with healthy habits  
  2. Prevention of age-related degeneration
  3. How to find purpose as an empty nester or in retirement 
  4. Safe exercise for limited ...
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How to Feel Energized and Motivated

Wouldn't It be nice to be energetic and positive most of the time? Wouldn't it be good to wake up in the morning feeling positive?

Instead, we hit the snooze button, maybe thinking about the daunting day ahead of us.

We do this day after day, week after week, month after month, and the years go by. We feel worthless and lacking. We blame ourselves and give up. 


Yet we do want a better, happier life and healthier stronger body.  


So here is our choice: we either keep hitting the snooze button and wishing the day away OR we get up and activate! It's simply our choice. 

So once again, I want to reflect on my personal experience.  When I wake up in the morning on  most days, don’t ask me questions,  don’t talk to me, don’t try to engage me in anything.  I don't wanna talk. I don't wanna smile, I think. I don't wanna be active.  I just want quiet. 


And yet you do know me as a bundle of energy,...

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What's Important after 40?

mindset & mindfulness Mar 05, 2023

As I was prepping my breakfast (eggs, toast, swiss cheese with beetroot leaves), I contemplated what was important to me. I am, after all, past 40...actually 44. 


So let's talk about what's important for those of us who are over 40, 50, 60, and even wiser. 

I wonder if my thoughts resonate with yours. 

I would like to hear 5 major areas you can think of for a Healthy After 40 topic, which I will be teaching on March 24th, 10:30 AM CT. Click here to let me know.  


When we are over 40, what are our major priorities in life?

I feel at this stage we evaluate what works and what doesn't. We make certain changes to remove stress and unnecessary relationships. We often start new passion businesses or find other ways to take on new challenges or find other ways of adding income or meaning to our lives. We may start looking seriously at opportunities to grow wealth. 


I am sure HEALTH is at or near the top of the priorities list for 40+.

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How to time manage in prioritizing self-care

mindset & mindfulness Feb 12, 2023


We are buuuusy. Life can become overwhelming. We might be taking care of elderly family members. We meet the needs of our spouses and families. We prioritize our jobs to build wealth and provide for ourselves and others. We do a loooot of things! It feels like juggling 10 balls in one hand. I hear you; I have often felt that too.


I think we all understand that we tend to take care of other people and outside responsibilities before we take care of ourselves. We know that often we simply don't prioritize self-care. We know we are not putting our oxygen masks on first. We know this isn't healthy for us. We feel like we should know and somehow do better!  We know what we SHOULD be doing, don't we? BUT we are just too busy and overwhelmed to make it happen


Do we often feel that if we start with our own self-care first, we are somehow failing others? The emotion comes from the pit of the stomach telling us we must take care of them first.  We blame...

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How do you know when you are ready?

mindset & mindfulness Jan 22, 2023

The holidays are behind us. I said it last week, but today it's really truly clear and unquestionable. We are definitely looking at what's ahead of us. We need to move forward. We need to get started on those New Year resolutions and goals. We just gotta go.


I am curious.. Where do you find yourself today? 


Are you still feeling like waking up from holidays and taking it slow and easy? Are you still in planning and strategizing mode? 

Maybe you already talking about your goals but have not yet made that first action. Maybe you are talking about it with other people in order to find guidance, support,  or help. You may feel some anxiousness and uncertainty. 


Maybe you went on vacation and just relaxed and enjoyed yourself. :-)


Some of us are already in action! Is that you? You have done your planning and hit the ground running. You are rocking your actions and well on the way to realizing your goals. You are excited for this year....

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Holidays behind us. What's now?

mindset & mindfulness Jan 15, 2023

Holidays behind us.


In my family of origin, we wait for an Old New Year, which is on the January 14th, to undecorate from holidays. If you don't know what Old New Year is, Google it. I think in my culture we allow 2 weeks after January 1 to still be in the holiday spirit because we actually quietly want to not let holiday spirit go. :-)


Honestly, who does want to let holiday cheer go? 

Yesterday I taught the Vision Board Workshop. (Want recording? Join the club and listen to a replay or take a self-paced course here.) It was the last event devoted to holidays. This is it.


 What now? The same old days of grinding life? 

Sometimes our New Year resolutions all of the sudden don't have the same charge of excitement

The third week of January may be filled with, "I don't want to’s". We know we have to go back to our busy lives and work. We also know we want  to do the actions we set our commitment towards. We know it all starts...

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What's Your Why?

mindset & mindfulness Jan 08, 2023

What is your WHY? 

Without vision people perish.

While listening to our first book club conversation when we shared why we decided to join the club to read "Start with Why", it made me deeply ponder:

What has happened to our Whys?

Are we clear on our vision, mission? Has it reshaped and changed in the last 2-3 years? 

How about several Whys? Personal Why, business Why, Why In the world?


It occurred to me that the last several years have shaped us into a different way of being and living. Learning to be independent thinkers, independent livers, learning new ways of doing our business. 


During early months of Covid, many of us had an opportunity to slow down and focus on ourselves, to focus on self care, on family, to relax and reestablish. That time allowed us to reevaluate, reset, and rearrange priorities.  

And maybe for some of us, taking care of families and having indoor time took our self-care attention into a direction away from...

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A Year in Reflection


Happy New Year, Friends!!


May this year bring you motivation and inspiration to keep going, to not stop, to let your heart lead the journey to the life you really desire. 








Health and Happiness 


But, wait! Have you reflected and let go of 2022 or are you still carrying its weight? 

Struggles, challenges, things that didn't work?  When we do that, we carry our old burdens and habits into the new year. Isn’t there a better way? An opportunity for something fresh, upgraded, and new?


Are you open to reflecting with me and letting 2022 go? If so, grab your journal and keep reading.


Allow me to walk you through the steps that I taught on my group accountability call. And after you are done with your reflection and want more or are ready to jump into our group, now is the time. We are starting this week. Apply here now.


Step 1.

List 5...

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Managing Social Expectations around Holidays

mindset & mindfulness Dec 18, 2022

Have the last few weeks been crazy weeks?

Have you missed most of your scheduled exercise due to family in town?

Been traveling yourself and off your normal routine? 

I am sensing many of us are dealing with these kinds of challenges, is that right?


As a result, we might be sleeping less and are otherwise off schedule. Our eating might be off the charts: more sugar, more starch, more alcohol.  Our exercise pattern may sporadic or non-existent. 

And on top of it, the relationships and emotions around family members together make it more challenging. 


Don't get us wrong. We looove holidays and the holiday spirit. We love family all together and around us. We love spending time around holidays.


And what if some of us are not with families at all? What if some us are alone? What if holiday time brings memories of sadness? This is an emotional challenge of itself. 

The question is

What makes our own self-care so hard and difficult to stick...

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