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12 years in wellness

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Our Ultimate Transformation coaching program is great for you if…

- You are lacking motivation, organization, or consistency?

- You feel stuck 

- You want to stop over-eating and junk food snacking 

- You want to handle your stress once and for all

- You want to stop negative self-talk

- You want to exercise, enjoy it and not get bored

- You need accountability



  • Taking a look in the mirror to truly identify your mindset.
  • Making changes to your mindset for a long-term transformation.
  • Identifying your goals, what do you want out of life, what’s keeping you stuck, and using tools to get you unstuck until you master positive mindset.


  • Identifying how to help your body help you through mindful eating and targeted supplementation.
  • Approaching cravings with curiosity instead of judgement to help you become the healthiest version of yourself.


  • Mindful movement to help your body help you.
  • Fitness training based on your goals, limitations, and health conditions.
  • Providing individual, group, and subscription-based workouts for all stages.
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“Nadya is a fantastic fitness guide but most importantly, a mindset coach. Her accountability concept about one’s ‘non-negotiables’ has really made a huge impact on me. I am usually an all-or-nothing type of perfectionist but with a toddler now, I have to find a way to still make myself a priority when he throws off my plans. And being flexible about what part is negotiable and then dedicated to what isn’t is making all the difference in staying committed to my self-care.” - Summer, Seattle

"I have been very pleased with Nadya's Personal Coaching.  At the beginning of our working together, she learned what I already do for workout and exercise, then built on it, adding emphasis on what she saw was needed.  Nadya focuses on physical form, adding strengthening and stretching, always ensuring clear instruction and feedback.  She provides a workout which maximizes my benefit.  She provides a thoughtful sequence of exercises, building from the previous sessions, and adjusting her agenda to how she sees me respond.  Lastly, Nadya provides excellent visual modeling of the exercises in the Zoom session, and makes sure I receive recordings of each session for future reference.

What makes Nadya a gem is her sincerity; she comes from her core and walks her talk.  Her offerings are also her own personal practices.  In addition to addressing our physical selves, Nadya pulls in other life aspects that help us feel most alive- nutrition and mindset.  She structures her time to maximize effectiveness: offering additional trainings, such as with time management, answering questions, and making nutritional suggestions to maximize workout benefits.  She obviously lives the benefits of her teachings." - Anne C.


"I shared my experience with Nadya about my struggles of losing weight and she in turn shared with me a wonderful experience. I joined her and a text group for a 7 Day Cleanse. It was simple and I didn't experience any hunger throughout the seven days. We continue to encourage each other via text messages and share our progress, what we were eating and photos of the healthy foods we were preparing. After the seven days we all shared our results and I had magically lost 10 pounds. I felt a lot more energy no more bloating or constipation which had been struggles I had experienced with the weight gain that I had. Thank you Nadia for listening to me and sharing Shaklee products :-) now I'm on to the my next adventure the 5 day kickstart to continue losing weight." - Karla T.


"I have been working with Nadya for a year and a half, and I have been amazed at the changes in my body. As I've integrated more of her online training, I have noticed increasing benefits. At this point, my program involves two intensive upper body strength workouts each week, and three group classes that are a combination of strength and cardio. At the same time, I have been working twice a week with a physical therapist to rehab my knee from a tennis injury. To my delight, I found that the combination of strength training involving complex movements, along with group classes and physical therapy that both involve intense complex movements;  agility ladders, jumps, hops, and balance has lead to a level of strength and flexibility I did not anticipate at age 70.


I would highly recommend Nadya to anyone, at any age, who wants to safely and systematically  gain strength, agility, and cardiovascular health. She is a delight to work with, knowing just how to push me to my edge and a little beyond." - Bob F.


"I am really loving low-impact classes offered by "Coaching by Nadya" as they work really well for me. They're well-structured, paced, and fit for any level of fitness. I personally need this kind of accountability so I highly recommend to anyone who wants to make good health choices for themselves." - Oksana B.

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