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A Year in Reflection


Happy New Year, Friends!!


May this year bring you motivation and inspiration to keep going, to not stop, to let your heart lead the journey to the life you really desire. 








Health and Happiness 


But, wait! Have you reflected and let go of 2022 or are you still carrying its weight? 

Struggles, challenges, things that didn't work?  When we do that, we carry our old burdens and habits into the new year. Isn’t there a better way? An opportunity for something fresh, upgraded, and new?


Are you open to reflecting with me and letting 2022 go? If so, grab your journal and keep reading.


Allow me to walk you through the steps that I taught on my group accountability call. And after you are done with your reflection and want more or are ready to jump into our group, now is the time. We are starting this week. Apply here now.


Step 1.

List 5 celebrations in 2022.


Step 2.

List 5 challenges in 2022. 


Step 3.

What do you need to let go of or forgive yourself for?


Step 4.

What do you want in 2023? 

Goals. State your goals as first-person, positive, and actually accomplished; I do, I have, etc., with no comparison (more, better, less). Make your goals big enough to be exciting and yet conceivable/achievable.

Emotions. What do I want to feel when I achieve my goals?

Doing. What will I be able to do that I can't do right now?


Step 5.

What do you need to have in place to make sure success is inevitable?


Step 6.

What support or accountability do you need?

Feel free to share by writing me a message

On a final note, my ultimate desire for all of us is to create and own our strength and power.I know so many of us are already making a profound impact in the world. And please let all remember, the change starts in the mirror

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