How to Feel Energized and Motivated

Wouldn't It be nice to be energetic and positive most of the time? Wouldn't it be good to wake up in the morning feeling positive?

Instead, we hit the snooze button, maybe thinking about the daunting day ahead of us.

We do this day after day, week after week, month after month, and the years go by. We feel worthless and lacking. We blame ourselves and give up. 


Yet we do want a better, happier life and healthier stronger body.  


So here is our choice: we either keep hitting the snooze button and wishing the day away OR we get up and activate! It's simply our choice. 

So once again, I want to reflect on my personal experience.  When I wake up in the morning on  most days, don’t ask me questions,  don’t talk to me, don’t try to engage me in anything.  I don't wanna talk. I don't wanna smile, I think. I don't wanna be active.  I just want quiet. 


And yet you do know me as a bundle of energy,...

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Hero's Journey - Meet Susan

community & support Feb 05, 2023


"My mood and intention to make healthy choices have changed a great deal…

I choose happiness."


I want to share Susan’s story with you.


Before we met each other,

Susan was having trouble with a lot of pain. She had bad migraines. Susan says: They're pretty much daily and I was really feeling beaten down. I was very depressed and wasn't able to work much. I would eat anything quick and easy, mainly fast-food delivery.


In October 2022, Susan heard me speak at an online meeting. We met one-on-one to get to know each other. Susan was ready to change her health and her mindset. 

She joined the Transformation Club, subscription service for $35 a month, the most basic self-paced level. She needed something inexpensive to get started with. 


Here is how she utilized her Club subscription

First, Susan used the Club program to guide her to adopt healthier choices one step at a time. 

Second, she joined our monthly...

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A Hero's Journey

community & support Sep 18, 2022

I wanted to take you on an actual client journey, a short story of how I take my clients from being overwhelmed, in pain, intimidated about stepping into their strength, power, and confidence. 

Once upon a time, I had a client named Mary.

She was a creative entrepreneur. We had known each other for for about three years. Once she mentioned wanting to talk about weight loss. And it took her (with my reminders) almost a year to finally make an appointment. 

She felt intimidated.

She felt like a failure.

She wanted to lose weight and feel better.


So we sat down for a conversation. There was a history to unpack. From abusive childhood experiences to an authoritative ex-husband and a mother who disapproved of her choices. She had accumulated a lot of guilt and lost her confidence. 


I could hear her pain and despair. It was an authentic voice. I heard her sincerely asking for help and to have a chance to express who she really was. 


For the outside...

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How to make accountability fun


Life can be either a fun adventure or a miserable experience. 

Accountability is a part of life. Therefore, we can treat it as either adventure with fun or experience with misery.  It's really up to us.


When I first talk to my potential clients, I often hear how dreadful accountability is for them; though, they know that's exactly what they need to help stick to the journey and be consistent. 

So, 1 do we make accountability not so dreadful and miserable? How do we make it as something we look forward to vs running away?


Before we jump in, do you know what you need an accountability for? What are your goals? What daily actions you want to commit to be accountable to?


The answer is MAKE IT  FUN!!! 

Our critter (survival) brain is like a little child (your inner child). It doesn't like boredom or none pleasant experience. It wants to have fun and play


So ask your inner kid, what would make this experience fun?



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Feeling stuck?

In this message, I will share with you what to do when you feel stuck. 


Where do you feel stuck? In health?  In weight loss? In a vicious cycle of pain? In negative thoughts? In life?

In fact, I have been feeling stuck thinking what to write for this Sunday reflection and this theme felt quite appropriate. 


So if you are feeling stuck, let's try these steps.


Step 1. Identify where you are stuck. 

Use curiosity.  In fact, in our Masterclass we used the term Curiosity Goggles. Just be curious and simply observe to yourself without judgement using this format: "isn't it interesting that I feel stuck ….(name it). What I really want is …. (name it)."

Stand back and be curious about this "stuck" state. Reflect on what are you doing, thinking and feeling. It's important to identify all three.


Step 2. Acknowledge

and be ok with what's so. No blame, no shame, no right or wrong. It is just what's so. We often want to blame...

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How to Break the Cycle of Pain

Hi {{ first_name }},

In this message, we'll talk about types of pain, the causes of pain, and five steps to breaking the pain cycle.

Do you know someone who is in pain? Maybe it is you.

Have you found that when we experience pain, it's really hard to say Yes to many things such as exercising, being active with your grandchildren, and even eating healthier?


We do want to be stronger, feel less inflamed, have more energy, and just simply feel better. We have all positive intentions of doing good but pain cuts into all our good efforts. 

How do we handle pain? Precisely, how do we break the vicious cycle of pain?

If you or you know someone who is experiencing pain, please keep reading. This message may be just the life and happiness saver they need!

The most important foundational step to breaking the cycle of discomfort is to tune into your body and to have two-way communication. 

Btw, what kind of pain are we talking about?
Physical pain (when your...

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Feeling Unsupported? 🤔 

We want to embark on OUR journey and even before we start, OUR spouse says No or you hear words that drain away all your motivation and excitement and you never even start. Sound familiar?  


Or you have committed and even started, but your family does not support you and even blames you for spending time to take care of yourself?  Believe me, I know from my own experience how devastating and confusing it feels (sigh). It feels like a fight. It feels like the world is against you. Familiar?  


It's so easy to give in and give up. After all, it is my family and I love them. I do not want to disappoint them. So it's 'better' to be on their side.  


If you find yourself in this struggle, then this message is for you. Let's discover what to do when the people closest to you are not supportive. 


 If you'd rather watch, here is an 11-min video I recorded. 



Truth of the...

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