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From sick and tired mom in pain in a foreign country to empowering busy professional women to strength & power

  • TCM. Transformational Coach in Behavior and Habit Change
  • CHC. CLH. Certified Health Coach and Life Coach
  • CPT. Certified Personal Trainer
  • CES. Corrective Exercise & Weight Loss Specialist
  • CPR/AED. Certified-Adult & Pediatric

I live by what I teach: to love our bodies intentionally through daily choices of thoughts, food, and movement, one step at a time so we can have strength in body and mind and balance in health and life and finally live the life we really desire.

My Story

I hold a master’s degree in psychology and a bachelor's in Education from the State University in St. Petersburg, Russia.
I also hold health and life coaching certifications, with a focus on transforming behaviors, beliefs, and identity; and personal fitness training certifications with a corrective exercise and weight loss specialization, focusing on functional movement, strength and toning to help individuals with everyday activities.

I am originally from St. Petersburg, Russia. I have lived in the U.S. since 2003. As a young mom, I found myself being sick and tired physically. I was doubting my power of "enoughness" of being a mom, spouse, and professional. 

For over a decade, through my own struggles, experience and studying, I created the signature program,  

The Ultimate Transformation - From Pain to Power, through

three pillars of health (mindset, nutrition, and fitness),

three steps to transformation (behaviors, beliefs, and identity),

and three stages to success (foundation, results, and maintenance),

one habit change at a time, with accountability and fun!


Our Power Club has three levels of membership: private, groups and monthly subscription.

At any level, we work together to develop mastery of healthy habits.

I am a member of Toastmasters International and the National Public Speakers Association. I host weekly live streams, monthly training as well as being a sought-after speaker for businesses and non-profit organizations.

Our Wellness Community - The Power Club

I run a community of busy professional women over 40 who are in pain and want strength and balance but don’t have time and energy.

I guide us in building and sustaining healthy habits through mindfulness, food, and fitness, one habit at a time, with accountability and fun, so we can have the quality of life we really desire. 

Ultimately, I inspire and lead us to re-energize  our bodies and minds, reclaim our voices, and love our lives!

We are a powerful community supporting each other in this journey to ultimate wellness.

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Topics of Expertise

  • Breakthrough Pain to Power – Signature Talk

    Learn the power of small habits for transformative results.


  • Vision Board Workshop

    When ready to reflect, set a vision for the future, and make it visual.


  • Protecting Your Boundaries

    When it’s hard to juggle priorities, set, protect, and master your boundaries, and keep calm.


  • Find Your New Comfort Foods

    When stress and emotional eating prevent personal health and happiness and distract from being effective in your career.


  • Healthy Holiday Eating: 3-Step System How to Not Overeat

    If you feel like a failure making holiday eating choices, learn how sail through the holiday with joy.  


  • Fun Fitness for Busy and Overwhelmed

    When we know we feel better when we work out but just can’t squeeze it into our busy day.



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Everything I do, why I wake up in the morning is to impact the world with awareness of health.


Help me empower wellness in individuals so we can empower wellness in the world. 

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Raving Fans

Networking Today International

Awesome presentation today at McKinney+Allen Connection Hub, a NTi-powered Networking group by Coaching by Nadya. Nadya shared how we all can have our best life by focusing on the three pillars: mindset, nutrition and fitness. My takeaway was instead of thinking I need to make changes, think of it as getting to make better choices!! Thank you Nadya for your inspiration and contribution to our group.

Mary Boyd

 The information presented by Nadya in her presentation, “Breakthrough Pain into Power” to the WOVI Addison Chapter, was so timely for most of the women on Zoom. For me, by focusing on her recommended 3 pillars of health: mindset, nutrition and fitness is a great way to start to focus on making permanent changes.

Kingdom Harvest WCC

"Unwind Your Mind" Wellness Day

Thank you Nadya for captivating the audience with your knowledge, humor and amazing personality. We discovered through your teaching that breathing and slowing down is essential to unwinding our minds in a busy world. Your breathing techniques helped us to relax and learn how to go within ourselves to find that peace and quiet. Thank you for sharing that breathing is connected to mental health. The workshop exceeded my expectation! - Paula Coleman