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Is is time for a cleanse yet?

food & nutrition Jul 13, 2024

Nadya here, to help you decide whether or not it’s time for a cleanse.


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The body is designed to be self-cleaning and to excrete toxins, but here’s the problem…. It can’t always handle the toxic overload present in today’s environment. Chemicals not excreted accumulate in our fat cells and cell membranes become internal toxins. These toxins corrode the body from the inside out, making it harder to lose weight, have more energy or feel good in your body.



So what is a cleanse?

A cleanse is a gentle way of clearing excess toxins from the body so it can operate at it’s highest potential. Think of a cleanse as something that delivers an all access pass to boundless reserves of energy that you didn’t know you had! You’ll find that every part of your body works better simply by “switching on” your metabolism through cleansing.

My clients find that cleansing helps them:

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How to Have Fun with Accountability


Recently I have been reflecting on my teaching Own Your Health to Own Your Life. And today I want to reflect on making accountability fun. Accountability helps consistency, especially at early stages of a habit building, and making it fun keeps the game long-term. Our brain loooves reward and that's why making it fun about! 

Let's dive!  


Life can be either a fun adventure or a miserable experience. 

Accountability is a part of life. Therefore, we can treat it as either adventure with fun or experience with misery.  It's really up to us.


When I first talk to my potential clients, I often hear how dreadful accountability is for them; though, they know that's exactly what they need to help stick to the journey and be consistent. 

So, how do we make accountability not so dreadful and miserable? How do we make it as something we look forward to vs running away?


Before we jump in, do you know what you need an accountability...

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Celebrating 21 Years & Embracing Confidence!

about nadya tatsch Jun 23, 2024

Happy Sunday!

I'm closing out a celebratory three-month season with a final personal milestone: today marks 21 years since I came to the U.S.


Looking back,

my personal transformation stands out the most. I went from being a very shy child and young adult (still one to think before I speak!) to someone willing to speak up and confidently teaching others. In fact, I've gone from having limited knowledge of physical health to actively practicing, coaching, and training others. That's the power of practicing confidence, my friends!

Sure, I still get shy sometimes, and thoughts can creep in, but I don't let them rule me. I act my best, knowing this journey continuously shapes me into a confident and competent individual.


Another highlight is the tenacity I've developed.

I've fiercely (some might say ferociously!) grown my business from claiming my independence to now coaching others on wellness and business growth. I'm also building my team of wellness ambassadors so we...

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Roadblocks to Happiness: Are You Making These Mistakes?

mindset & mindfulness May 26, 2024

Why some people just look happy and some just don't smile? Why while we may have the same living conditions, one person seems happy and the other is not? And in addition, the happier person kinda does look more successful in life in general - relationships, money, career success? What's different between two similar people?


What if the difference is how we choose to generate happiness moment by moment? I say:

Want it? Generate it!

What if happy people just built a habit generating happiness?


So what mistakes do we do that prevent us from happiness and tips to generate happiness habits:

  • Mistake 1. Ruminating in negative thoughts too long. Negative thoughts are good for us, for a short period of time. But when we take hours, days, weeks, even years, those thoughts become beliefs that don't serve us. Moreover, they underline our chronic stress condition.

    I say, transformation is not about a change. It's about a choice. One step at a time. Choose happiness and...

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You Are Not Alone: Why Asking for Help is Your Secret Power

community & support May 19, 2024

We're constantly told to be strong, independent, and handle everything ourselves. But what if that's actually holding us back?


I can personally vouch for this. For years, I struggled with the "I can do it myself" mentality. But what if asking for help wasn't a sign of weakness, but of strength? What if being authentic and vulnerable is where true power lies?

Consider this: by asking for help, you can achieve your goals faster, more effectively, and with less burnout. Instead of a slow, frustrating journey filled with mistakes, isolation, and exhaustion, imagine feeling inspired and supported.

Let's be honest, none of us are truly exceptions. Even as I write this, I recognize areas where I still struggle to ask for help.


Here's the shift:

Asking for help is a sign of power and progress. Together, we can accomplish so much more, in less time, and with better results. This applies to everything from one-on-one situations to group settings.


My Challenge to You:


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What If You Can Have Everything You Want

mindset & mindfulness May 10, 2024

Finding Your Happy Place: A Journey of Becoming, Not Just Getting


What if you could have everything you want? 

This powerful question sparks a fire in many of us, a yearning for a life filled with fulfillment, health, and deep connections. But before we chase that "everything," we need to take a step back and ask ourselves: Do we truly understand what we desire and why?


This blog post explores the idea that happiness isn't just about achieving a final destination, but about the journey of becoming who you want to be. It's a journey filled with self-discovery, continuous growth, and the creation of powerful systems that support your evolution.


The Misconceptions of Achievement

Many of us believe happiness comes from external validation – that bigger bank accounts, stronger relationships, or a perfect physique will finally make us content. However, this pursuit often leads to frustration. The truth is, the journey of becoming holds the key to...

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📖 My Confession: How I Created My Power Journal

Happy Sunday, {{ first_name }}!

The Juggling Act: Priorities and a Struggle for Balance

In this huge world, it's easy to get trapped in a never-ending loop of to-dos and responsibilities. We get entangled with priorities, sometimes wondering how to prioritize them. We feel trapped, stuck, and want to find a way to do better.

On top of that, our health suffers. We neglect prioritizing self-care. Workouts get pushed to another day. Fast food becomes a convenient solution. We foster the habit of not eating on time, don't have time to cook or prep – the list goes on. Our health pays the price: overweight, stressed, and just surviving.


What If There Was a Solution?

What if you had a solution that fits your busy lifestyle? What if it gently reminded you of what's important? What if you took just a few minutes to reflect? What if you had a coach in your pocket?


A Time of Immense Challenge: My 2020

Back in 2020, I had one of the most difficult times of my life. COVID,...

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My Fitness Routine: How I Stay In Shape

fitness & movement Apr 30, 2024

I am often get asked how I stay in shape. It's true, I've never been overweight, but keeping a healthy weight requires mindful choices. Today, I want to share the 3 key pillars of my fitness routine that I also incorporate into my teaching.

Taking a Step Back: The Power of "Why"

Before diving in, it's important to acknowledge the mental aspect of fitness. Your "why" is your motivation, the reason you push yourself. Maybe it's keeping up with energetic kids, like mine! Whatever your reason, a strong "why" fuels your persistence and keeps you going.

Nutrition: You Are What You Eat

We've all heard it before – nutrition is 80% of the battle, especially for weight loss (we'll delve into common weight loss mistakes next month, stay tuned!). Eating healthy doesn't have to be complicated, but it does require making conscious choices.


The Three Pillars of My Fitness Routine (and the Conscious Fitness Flow)

My fitness approach is built on three main elements, which interestingly...

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Happy Earth Day 2024!

mindset & mindfulness Apr 22, 2024

Happy Earth Day! Today, let's celebrate the incredible planet that sustains us. It's the source of our air, water, and everything we need to thrive.

Thinking of Wellness in a New Light

Today's message takes a slightly different spin on wellness. Our well-being is deeply connected to the health of our planet. After all, our planet is our home, and a healthy home is essential for a healthy us!

Fun Tips for a Clean and Happy Home Environment

Here are some fun tips to keep your home environment clean and positive, inspired by a conversation with my friend and local realtor, Rockie Marvel.


  • Breathe Easy: Swap harsh cleaners for non-toxic options to avoid harmful fumes. 
  • Natural Air Purifiers: Consider houseplants like snake plants or peace lilies to improve air quality and add beauty. Benefits: fresh air, reduced allergies, and increased energy. 
  • Embrace Sunlight: Open curtains and blinds during the day for natural light, which can boost mood and energy...
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What we get wrong about fitness

fitness & movement Apr 21, 2024


In Friends in Health group, I recently asked about the biggest struggles with fitness. The overwhelming response? "Consistency and scheduling it in."

We all know exercise makes us feel better, healthier, and happier. So why isn't it a non-negotiable part of our lives?


Here's the thing: we might be focusing on the wrong thing.

We immediately think of "formal fitness": scheduling gym time, driving there, working out – the classic image.


But what if I told you that if you haven't found consistency with formal fitness yet, it's because you've got it flipped?


Baby Steps: Awareness and Movement

Instead, begin with awareness and intentional movement. Simply by moving more throughout your day, you're on the right track.

Here are some ideas:

  • Park farther away and walk.
  • Take the longer route to the bathroom.
  • Use a standing desk (if possible).
  • Do "microwave circles" while waiting for your food.
  • Click here for more ideas about how to get your daily step...
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