Three Levels to Participate

Choose how you want to start your Ultimate Transformation


Work 1:1 with Nadya with customized programs tailored to your specific goals. Nadya will journey with you and be there right beside you during your transformation.


The Ultimate Transformation package includes fitness training (2-3 times a week depending on your goal) and mindset and nutritional coaching (once a week).

Fitness Sessions (2-3/week) + Coaching Sessions (1/week)

If your preference is to start with just one pillar, for example, fitness, you can also do that (just ask me).

With private package, Group and on Demand are complimentary.

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Grow and develop in a group setting surrounded by like-minded people. Not only will you have the support of Nadya but the entire community and with this comes great accountability and motivation. 

The Group Ultimate Transformation includes unlimited Fitness Classes (we have three levels of difficulty from Fusion Flow for limited mobility folks to low and high impact circuit training) and Group Coaching Sessions for nutrition and mindset habit development.

Fitness Classes (unlimited) + Coaching Sessions (1/week)

If you wish to to start with one pillar, for example, Fitness Classes or Coaching Group, you can do that  too.

With Group package, on Demand is complimentary.



* Daily Accountability
* Monthly Challenges
* Monthly Live Trainings
* Community Connection
* On-Demand: Mindset, Nutrition, and Fitness Sessions



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Best place to start on your own

5-Day Movement Challenge

Helping the muscles that need help the most!

This routine is ideal for those who are just starting to exercise and for those who experience issues in shoulders, upper and low back, core, and hamstrings.

The exercises are built based on the National Academy of Sports Medicine fitness model.

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Baby Steps

25-Min Online Course

360 degree tour of how to create total wellness from the perspectives of mindset, nutrition, fitness, and management.

Great course if you are just starting.

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Personalized Supplementation

Take an online assessment for your convenience. 

  • We ask you about your health goals, diet, and exercise to get a clear picture of who you are and what your body needs.
  • We analyze your responses to create a personalized supplement plan built uniquely for you
  • Your personalized supplements arrive at your door each month in convenient, daily-dose packs. So, all you need to do is grab one and get on with your day.
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Next best step to keep going on your own

Self-Love Transformation Week

Get in the Habit of Loving Yourself... in only 7 days!

Self-care isn't selfish... it's the highest expression of self-love. 

The Self-Love Transformation Week helps you build a solid foundation of healthy self-care habits for your mind, body and soul, rooted in self-love and self-acceptance.

Your journey of self-discovery starts with full and complete unconditional acceptance and love for who you truly are. Find out what’s holding you back, and how to blast through old beliefs that no longer serve you so you can embrace the amazing spirit you are MEANT TO BE

$49 / Click for Details

Daily Motivation and Transformation

Learn to master your habits.

  • 6 weeks long to make sure that the changes you want become permanent.
  • Daily short video tips that you can implement right away. These vary from 90 seconds to just a few minutes to keep them easy to watch.
  • A comprehensive personalized daily tracker to help you see and celebrate your progress.
  • Three 45-min to one hour webinars (week 1, week 3, week 5) to help you break your worst habit, strategically designed to dive deeper into each element of a habit loop.
  • BONUS: When you feel stuck or have questions, you get a complimentary 15 minute private coaching session with Nadya. 
$199 / Click for Details