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What's Important after 40?

mindset & mindfulness Mar 05, 2023

As I was prepping my breakfast (eggs, toast, swiss cheese with beetroot leaves), I contemplated what was important to me. I am, after all, past 40...actually 44. 


So let's talk about what's important for those of us who are over 40, 50, 60, and even wiser. 

I wonder if my thoughts resonate with yours. 

I would like to hear 5 major areas you can think of for a Healthy After 40 topic, which I will be teaching on March 24th, 10:30 AM CT. Click here to let me know.  


When we are over 40, what are our major priorities in life?

I feel at this stage we evaluate what works and what doesn't. We make certain changes to remove stress and unnecessary relationships. We often start new passion businesses or find other ways to take on new challenges or find other ways of adding income or meaning to our lives. We may start looking seriously at opportunities to grow wealth. 


I am sure HEALTH is at or near the top of the priorities list for 40+.

I am sensing there are THREE MAJOR HEALTH GOALS at this stage of life.


Maintenance Group

I feel great. Speaking from my personal experience.  I look great. I am strong. I eat well (almost always), exercise, and manage stress pretty well. Of course, there is always room for improvement. That said, I feel quite confident in my self-care routine and grateful for my health. I have generally been taking care of myself well and my health goal is to maintain my health to allow the flow of graceful and healthy aging. 

Folks in this group are great supporters and cheerleaders for the two groups described below. So if you are in this group, consider joining a community to cheer on others. Talk to me; I may have a cheerleading job for you :-).


Prevention Group

We want to take an action for improving certain health conditions.  Whether it's blood pressure or bone loss, we want to make some adjustments in our diet, exercise, better stress management, and lifestyle in general. We want to be able to have a more active lifestyle and confidence in our body physically. We want more energy and stamina. In general, we do have a pretty good idea of how to improve our health condition. 

In this group, we may know what to do, but we often lack the motivation and time management habits to actually do it. Therefore, we don't stick to the routine and don't stay on track. We may even feel like a failure because we try so many times and maybe even make some progress, but changes don't last. 

Here is the deal. The bridge between knowing what to do and doing it may just lay in being accountable. Folks in this group can really use support and accountability, especially at the beginning of their wellness journey. Sometimes we just need the first push of someone believing in us that gives us the jump-start we need.

If you find yourself in this group, our Power Club is a great place to start. Chat with me to see which level (private, group, or subscription) is the best fit for you.


Rebalance Group

A major change needs to be done. Weight loss, major stress deduction and strength building; reverse diabetes, balancing hormones.  A change of this magnitude can seem overwhelming as it comes with many steps. If we try the process on our own, it can feel absolutely daunting.  We may well feel we really can't succeed. It takes time and patience, and without support, we may find it very hard to be patient. 

We go to numerous doctors and often get more confused with each diagnosis. We may ask for a solution and just end up with prescriptions to mask our symptoms. 

We know there should be a better way. We feel there is a more natural path. 

Unfortunately,  this group of folks may not have a clear idea of what to do. That is why it is crucially important to find the right help, support, and guidance. 

If you find yourself in this group and are willing to talk, let's chat and see if my Pain to Power program is a good fit for you, and if not, I may have the right referral for you.


What's important after 40? We are evaluating,  prioritizing, and certainly starting to feel we can't sacrifice our health for wealth or other priorities. We know health is our top priority. So really do know we must maintain, improve,  and rebalance. 


Dear readers, I want to hear what's important to you. Complete this form.It takes just one minute to complete it. I will pick 5 major points to teach at our Members Training on March 24th, 10:30 am CT.



Thank you for reading.

To your health, 



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