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How to Have Fun with Accountability


Recently I have been reflecting on my teaching Own Your Health to Own Your Life. And today I want to reflect on making accountability fun. Accountability helps consistency, especially at early stages of a habit building, and making it fun keeps the game long-term. Our brain loooves reward and that's why making it fun about! 

Let's dive!  


Life can be either a fun adventure or a miserable experience. 

Accountability is a part of life. Therefore, we can treat it as either adventure with fun or experience with misery.  It's really up to us.


When I first talk to my potential clients, I often hear how dreadful accountability is for them; though, they know that's exactly what they need to help stick to the journey and be consistent. 

So, how do we make accountability not so dreadful and miserable? How do we make it as something we look forward to vs running away?


Before we jump in, do you know what you need an accountability...

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Roadblocks to Happiness: Are You Making These Mistakes?

mindset & mindfulness May 26, 2024

Why some people just look happy and some just don't smile? Why while we may have the same living conditions, one person seems happy and the other is not? And in addition, the happier person kinda does look more successful in life in general - relationships, money, career success? What's different between two similar people?


What if the difference is how we choose to generate happiness moment by moment? I say:

Want it? Generate it!

What if happy people just built a habit generating happiness?


So what mistakes do we do that prevent us from happiness and tips to generate happiness habits:

  • Mistake 1. Ruminating in negative thoughts too long. Negative thoughts are good for us, for a short period of time. But when we take hours, days, weeks, even years, those thoughts become beliefs that don't serve us. Moreover, they underline our chronic stress condition.

    I say, transformation is not about a change. It's about a choice. One step at a time. Choose happiness and...

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What If You Can Have Everything You Want

mindset & mindfulness May 10, 2024

Finding Your Happy Place: A Journey of Becoming, Not Just Getting


What if you could have everything you want? 

This powerful question sparks a fire in many of us, a yearning for a life filled with fulfillment, health, and deep connections. But before we chase that "everything," we need to take a step back and ask ourselves: Do we truly understand what we desire and why?


This blog post explores the idea that happiness isn't just about achieving a final destination, but about the journey of becoming who you want to be. It's a journey filled with self-discovery, continuous growth, and the creation of powerful systems that support your evolution.


The Misconceptions of Achievement

Many of us believe happiness comes from external validation – that bigger bank accounts, stronger relationships, or a perfect physique will finally make us content. However, this pursuit often leads to frustration. The truth is, the journey of becoming holds the key to...

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Happy Earth Day 2024!

mindset & mindfulness Apr 22, 2024

Happy Earth Day! Today, let's celebrate the incredible planet that sustains us. It's the source of our air, water, and everything we need to thrive.

Thinking of Wellness in a New Light

Today's message takes a slightly different spin on wellness. Our well-being is deeply connected to the health of our planet. After all, our planet is our home, and a healthy home is essential for a healthy us!

Fun Tips for a Clean and Happy Home Environment

Here are some fun tips to keep your home environment clean and positive, inspired by a conversation with my friend and local realtor, Rockie Marvel.


  • Breathe Easy: Swap harsh cleaners for non-toxic options to avoid harmful fumes. 
  • Natural Air Purifiers: Consider houseplants like snake plants or peace lilies to improve air quality and add beauty. Benefits: fresh air, reduced allergies, and increased energy. 
  • Embrace Sunlight: Open curtains and blinds during the day for natural light, which can boost mood and energy...
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Feeling Unsupported? 🤔 

Why Do Some Succeed While Others Struggle? Finding Support on Your Solo Wellness Journey


We all crave happiness, that's a given. We chase it through countless efforts, yet some of us reach that blissful state seemingly easier than others. Why the disparity? A few weeks ago, we discussed the importance of taking action, but today, I want to highlight the crucial role of support in your journey, especially at the beginning.


 If you'd rather watch, here is an 11-min video I recorded a while ago. 


Studies show that our success rate doubles when we have others cheering us on. So, let's see if any of this resonates with you (remember, no judgment, just curiosity).


Where Do You Find Yourself?

Scenario 1: You dream of starting your wellness journey, but before you even begin, your spouse throws cold water on it. Sarcastic comments, doubts about your past "failures" – all drain your motivation before you even take the first step. Sound...

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Don't Set Fix-It Goals, Align with Vision & Values

mindset & mindfulness Jan 14, 2024

Hey there, dreamers and visionaries! Tired of setting goals that feel more like bandaids than blueprints for your best life? You're not alone. I've been there too, chasing shiny things to fill some inner void. But guess what? True happiness and purpose come from aligning your goals with your vision and values. Think of it like building a house: a sturdy foundation of self-discovery leads to a vibrant, fulfilling life you actually love living.


So, let's ditch the "gotta fix it" mentality and get inspired!


1. Uncover Your Why

It all starts with clarity. Who are you? What lights you up? What legacy do you want to leave behind? This isn't just woo-woo stuff, it's powerful introspection. Imagine your ideal life in vivid detail. What skills shine through? What relationships nourish you? This becomes your North Star, guiding every decision and goal.


2. Values Fuel Your Journey

Values are your roadmap. They're the principles that guide your actions and choices. Are...

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Don't Wait Until January: Embrace Self-Compassion This Holiday Season

mindset & mindfulness Dec 10, 2023


The holidays are a time for joy, family, and togetherness. But amidst the hustle and bustle, it's easy to neglect self-care. This year, let's change that. Instead of waiting until New Year's resolutions kick in, let's embrace self-compassion right now, during this hectic time.

Click on the image above to listen

Think about it: when life gets busy, wouldn't you treat your child or loved one with extra care and understanding? Why not extend the same kindness to yourself?

What type of person are you in December?

Before diving into self-compassion practices, let's acknowledge the different ways people approach self-care during the holidays:

  • The "New Year's Resolution" Type: These folks wait until January 1st to start any significant changes, often setting unrealistic goals that lead to disappointment.
  • The "Preparation Pro" Type: These individuals are proactive, researching and planning for their future goals, like reading books or taking courses.
  • The "Not Ready Yet"...
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Maintaining Wellness During the Holidays: A Guide to Embracing Simplicity and Joy

mindset & mindfulness Dec 03, 2023

The holidays are a time for joy, gathering with loved ones, and creating cherished memories. However, amidst the excitement and festivities, it's easy to let our health and wellness routines fall by the wayside.

To navigate this season gracefully and maintain your sense of well-being, I'd like to offer us some key takeaways:


Embrace Simplicity:

  • Prioritize Non-Negotiables: Identify the minimum actions you need to take care of yourself, whether it's movement, meditation, or a healthy meal. These non-negotiables are your foundation for a balanced holiday season.
  • Block Your Time: Schedule your non-negotiables into your calendar and communicate them to others. This sets expectations and helps you stay accountable.
  • Utilize Slow Times: Take advantage of quiet moments to focus on your well-being, whether it's early mornings or while others are busy.

Manage Social Expectations:

  • Develop Inner Wisdom: When faced with requests that...
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Redefining Weight Loss

mindset & mindfulness Nov 04, 2023

As the holiday season approaches, we often find ourselves preoccupied with thoughts of overindulgence and weight gain. It's a time when many resign themselves to the idea of gaining weight and plan to lose it afterward.

What if we could shift our perspective and view 'weight' as a lifelong journey rather than a temporary fix?


In this blog post, we will explore the concept of weight loss as a sustainable lifestyle. Instead of seeing it as a daunting task that interrupts our habits, we'll discover how small adjustments can make a big difference in the long run.


1. Nutrition: Start with Small Adjustments

Let's begin by focusing on nourishing our bodies. Instead of embarking on drastic diets, we can take baby steps towards healthier eating.

For instance:

  1. We can start by increasing our water intake to promote a sense of fullness.
  2. We can incorporate more fiber into our diet can enhance satisfaction and aid digestion, as most of us only consume about 3% of the recommended...
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Unlock Your Wellness Vortex: Navigating Your Path to Personal Power


I'm thrilled and a bit jittery to share a topic that's deeply meaningful to me - the Wellness Vortex.

I'm no stranger to fear and excitement, and the feeling is akin to standing on the precipice of a towering mountain. You see, I have a fear of heights, yet I've been steadily ascending this imposing peak. From a young age, I've been diligently taking one step after another, tending to various aspects of my life – personal wellness, finances, business, family, and relationships. It's been an arduous climb, and I've often wondered if there's an end in sight. What if this mountain isn't what it seems? What if, instead of an endless ascent, I can tap into its energy, gain clarity, and embrace a path that leads to genuine wellness?

The journey involves establishing non-negotiable self-care practices, mastering them, and riding the momentum into the Wellness Vortex, ultimately owning my personal power. This is precisely what the Wellness Vortex represents, and I invite you to...

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