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From Fear to Freedom: Embracing Courage and Power

"Use your fear... it can take you to the place where you store your courage." - Amelia Earhart.

This powerful quote shared by my dear friend Angela resonated deeply with me, prompting a reflection on my own journey of conquering fears and finding the courage to create freedom.

In this blog post, I want to share my personal experience with overcoming the fear of public speaking and how it transformed into a source of empowerment. My hope is to inspire you to confront your own fears and recognize the tremendous opportunities that lie beyond them.


The Journey of Conquering Fear

Public speaking is a fear that many of us can relate to, and it has been a significant challenge in my life as well. Twelve years ago, I made a decision to change fear into power. I realized that if I wanted to make a difference, I needed to face this fear head-on. It wasn't an easy path, with moments of self-doubt, negative self-talk, and sweaty hands. But I persevered, pushing through the discomfort...

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The Story of My Life

about nadya tatsch Apr 02, 2023

When was the last time you shared your story in order to inspire and touch someone's heart?  Maybe that isn’t easy because you are still going through it. And, you still choose to share it in hopes of inspiring and motivating others?


I am here to encourage you and say it's time to share your story. Its time to share it in a way you have not done before. And in this journey, the clarity of why we do what we do is born. Consider your life a perfectly written novel and to tell your story from that perspective.


Here is the formula for "The Story of My Life" Novel. 

I invite you to do your own.

Step 1. Take your age. 

Step 2. Divide it by 10. 

Step 3. Multiply by 2. 

As a result, you will have  5 chapters of your life, plus a what’s next chapter. 


Here is my formula:  I'm 44, so each of my chapters are 8.8 years. 

The 1st chapter of my life is through age 9, the next chapter to 18, then 18 to 27, 27 to 36,...

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How to Feel Energized and Motivated

Wouldn't It be nice to be energetic and positive most of the time? Wouldn't it be good to wake up in the morning feeling positive?

Instead, we hit the snooze button, maybe thinking about the daunting day ahead of us.

We do this day after day, week after week, month after month, and the years go by. We feel worthless and lacking. We blame ourselves and give up. 


Yet we do want a better, happier life and healthier stronger body.  


So here is our choice: we either keep hitting the snooze button and wishing the day away OR we get up and activate! It's simply our choice. 

So once again, I want to reflect on my personal experience.  When I wake up in the morning on  most days, don’t ask me questions,  don’t talk to me, don’t try to engage me in anything.  I don't wanna talk. I don't wanna smile, I think. I don't wanna be active.  I just want quiet. 


And yet you do know me as a bundle of energy,...

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A Year in Reflection


Happy New Year, Friends!!


May this year bring you motivation and inspiration to keep going, to not stop, to let your heart lead the journey to the life you really desire. 








Health and Happiness 


But, wait! Have you reflected and let go of 2022 or are you still carrying its weight? 

Struggles, challenges, things that didn't work?  When we do that, we carry our old burdens and habits into the new year. Isn’t there a better way? An opportunity for something fresh, upgraded, and new?


Are you open to reflecting with me and letting 2022 go? If so, grab your journal and keep reading.


Allow me to walk you through the steps that I taught on my group accountability call. And after you are done with your reflection and want more or are ready to jump into our group, now is the time. We are starting this week. Apply here now.


Step 1.

List 5...

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I Am Thankful

I am thankful for my life's journey;
For the years I have lived.
I am thankful for the spirit
I choose in a moment.

I am thankful for the sunrise
To remind me to breathe and smile.

I am thankful for the fresh air
To swallow life and space.

I am thankful for the first sip of morning coffee
That helps me be present in the moment.
I close my eyes and feel... life.

I am thankful for the morning workout sweat
With tired but laughter with all at the end.

I am thankful for the energy produced
To live my day with the power I choose.

I am thankful for the people I meet along the way
All to grow
Communication and love.

I am thankful for struggles and toughness
All to build
Tenacity and strength.

I am thankful for afternoon tea
To stop and be present
To good for me.

I am thankful for lunch and a movie
To feel the love with my child.

I am thankful for evening glory
To slow down my speed
And be here to receive.

As I close my eyes in the dark
I count my blessings.
With each...

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Hello, My Name is Nadya

about nadya tatsch Aug 13, 2022

Allow me to re-introduce myself. In this message I want to share what I truly value, in my life and my business. 

The bottom line is that I truly want the World to be The place for us to live and enjoy. Enjoy our experiences, enjoy each other, enjoy safety, enjoy life! 

 I believe that this is possible when we are internally happy. 

This fuels my passion to wake up in the morning and make small tiny steps towards my goals. I do it by having conversations and sessions with my clients during business hours. I also do it while talking with my children.  I also do my best to live what I teach, to walk my talk. 


I believe that creating a ripple effect is a thing. My heart longs for health; physical, emotional, mental. My soul leaps to fill myself and others with the light of happiness. 

I believe in peace for our world. I believe it is possible because each one of us owns the potential for internal happiness. 


I channeled my...

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Love Yourself through Food


I eat because I love. And I am a lazy cook.


I often get asked what and how I eat.  As I sat down to journal my reflection, allow me to share with you my current meal situation.


I start prepping my meal when I am about 30% hungry. 

To prep, I ask myself, how can I feed my body with love? What can I make to nourish my body? 

On days I feel a lack of energy, what can I make to lift my energy?

On days I feel down, what can I eat to feel good?

When I am tired, what can I eat to relax?


I make my meal accordingly.  I cook like I would feed someone I love. 

Hey, I am still on my way. I still sometimes struggle to give myself time to cook. I do not want to stand in the kitchen and cook!


So I prep.

I find the time on the weekend to pre-cook for the week. I prep the foods that may take time. On some weeks, I make brown rice, on some, red potatoes. I may even chop veggies and place them into Single serving containers. I am also not...

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Father's Love

Today, I had this urge to really reflect on the impact my dad has had in my life.

He's not one to chat away, but when he does speak up, you know he means every single word. He's never been the type to say those three little words, "I love you," out loud, but somehow, deep down, I've always known it to be true.

Ever since I moved to the US way back in 2003, I've made it a point to visit my parents every year. I can vividly remember walking into the room and finding my dad engrossed in watching European football. Without hesitation, I would plop down next to him on the sofa and naturally get caught up in the excitement, cheering right alongside him. Those moments created such a special bond between us that I'll forever hold close to my heart.

Let me tell you, my dad has a thing for bread. To him, a meal just isn't complete without a hearty loaf of bread. He'd always say, "You can't call it a meal if there's no bread." And you know what? To this day, I still find so much joy in...

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about nadya tatsch Jun 12, 2022

I look up
So you can see me.

I stand on my toes
So you can find me.

I lift my arms up
So you can grab me.


I jump…
So you can catch me?

You carry me high
And I can see.
The bird view eye.

How far I've come.
And created to be.


Who are you?
Being so brave
Carrying me all this time.


I look into your eyes,
And the air stands still.

My heart is full
With blindness I have been.

Who are you,
Carrying me all alone?


How did I not
Know you?
How did I not
See Me?


All along.
All this time.
To be my self.
To lift me up.
To fill me strong.
To pull me high.
To live my best.


Let's fly!


- Nadya Nemova-Tatsch

June 11, 2022


The reason I am sharing my poem with you, besides that it's my birthday, is to inspire all of us to act. 

Imagine yourself five years from now,  powerful and living life on your terms. Imagine this powerful you is helping you now. She/He is holding your hand and walking you through challenges and struggles carrying the knowing of...

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How to Deal with Change in Life

As I sat down to write my morning reflection email, my plan was to write about How to Exercise in Pain. And as I was writing, my heart kept yearning for a different topic, My child leaves in a few months for college, how do I deal with my emotions? In fact, I will finish my message about Exercise and Pain in the next two days so keep an eye out.


 Today, I want to ask us; How do we deal with emotions when life circumstances change and there is nothing we can do about that. Some of us must say, "sure, there is something we can do." I agree. But what is it?


As I asked myself this question, I looked inward to reflect on how I am dealing with my child leaving the nest. Though I have never dealt with this situation before, I have experienced similar circumstances that produced similar emotions and bodily response, I might have been here before. 


Let me walk myself and you through a 5-step process of How to Deal with Emotions when Life Changes.



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