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How to time manage in prioritizing self-care

mindset & mindfulness Feb 12, 2023


We are buuuusy. Life can become overwhelming. We might be taking care of elderly family members. We meet the needs of our spouses and families. We prioritize our jobs to build wealth and provide for ourselves and others. We do a loooot of things! It feels like juggling 10 balls in one hand. I hear you; I have often felt that too.


I think we all understand that we tend to take care of other people and outside responsibilities before we take care of ourselves. We know that often we simply don't prioritize self-care. We know we are not putting our oxygen masks on first. We know this isn't healthy for us. We feel like we should know and somehow do better!  We know what we SHOULD be doing, don't we? BUT we are just too busy and overwhelmed to make it happen


Do we often feel that if we start with our own self-care first, we are somehow failing others? The emotion comes from the pit of the stomach telling us we must take care of them first.  We blame ourselves for not taking care of others, then we blame ourselves for not taking care of ourselves! A vicious cycle for sure.


Time! Time is the sticking point.

"We don't have time to prepare real food, so we grab fast food. We don't have time to work out. We don't take the time to read, to reflect, to nourish our bodies and our minds." - Jean.

We understand time management could be useful to resolve this vicious cycle. We know prioritizing could be helpful. We know consistency and boundaries would be good too. But how to do it?

As I write this, it feels already overwhelming.  Don't we often just feel so heavy in heart and mind?


Let's take a deep breath or two and ask; where do we start?



What if we FIRST work on our mindset? What if we just reframe "overwhelm" and ask ourselves:

  • What is my self-care for? 
  • If I keep doing/not doing any action where will I end up?
  • What do I need my self-care for? 
  • Why?  Why? Why?

Please share your answers with me. If you are not sure, let's briefly chat.

For example, my self-care is important to me because I want to stay energized and healthy. I want to stay energized and healthy because I want to walk my talk as a coach and a mom. I want to age gracefully. And more than anything, I want to be an example of making an impact on the health of our world through the health and happiness of my clients.  Healthy people = healthy planet. That's what wakes me up in the morning. 

Once we really get crystal clear on our deep Why

  • self-care becomes not selfish, it becomes a necessity so we can in fact care for others. without sacrificing our health and happiness. 
  • Self-care becomes the most important way to maintain our own vehicle so it can function properly and take care of others in a healthy way.
  • Self-care becomes non-negotiable. 


Only after we have clarity of 'Why Self-Care', can we plan, prioritize, set boundaries, and feel no shame, blame, or failure. 


What is your WHY?


If you are ready to dive deeper into the subject of self-care, join our upcoming "Self-Care 101" members training. We will cover these five points among others: 

  1. How to prioritize self-care?
  2. How to resist destructive habits?
  3. How to feel less negativity?
  4. How to feel energized, enthusiastic, and motivated during the day?
  5. How to feel happy?

February 17th, Friday. 10:30-12 PM CST. Self-Care 101". Register here.


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