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My Fitness Routine: How I Stay In Shape

fitness & movement Apr 30, 2024

I am often get asked how I stay in shape. It's true, I've never been overweight, but keeping a healthy weight requires mindful choices. Today, I want to share the 3 key pillars of my fitness routine that I also incorporate into my teaching.

Taking a Step Back: The Power of "Why"

Before diving in, it's important to acknowledge the mental aspect of fitness. Your "why" is your motivation, the reason you push yourself. Maybe it's keeping up with energetic kids, like mine! Whatever your reason, a strong "why" fuels your persistence and keeps you going.

Nutrition: You Are What You Eat

We've all heard it before – nutrition is 80% of the battle, especially for weight loss (we'll delve into common weight loss mistakes next month, stay tuned!). Eating healthy doesn't have to be complicated, but it does require making conscious choices.


The Three Pillars of My Fitness Routine (and the Conscious Fitness Flow)

My fitness approach is built on three main elements, which interestingly...

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What we get wrong about fitness

fitness & movement Apr 21, 2024


In Friends in Health group, I recently asked about the biggest struggles with fitness. The overwhelming response? "Consistency and scheduling it in."

We all know exercise makes us feel better, healthier, and happier. So why isn't it a non-negotiable part of our lives?


Here's the thing: we might be focusing on the wrong thing.

We immediately think of "formal fitness": scheduling gym time, driving there, working out – the classic image.


But what if I told you that if you haven't found consistency with formal fitness yet, it's because you've got it flipped?


Baby Steps: Awareness and Movement

Instead, begin with awareness and intentional movement. Simply by moving more throughout your day, you're on the right track.

Here are some ideas:

  • Park farther away and walk.
  • Take the longer route to the bathroom.
  • Use a standing desk (if possible).
  • Do "microwave circles" while waiting for your food.
  • Click here for more ideas about how to get your daily step...
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Hero's Journey - Meet Bob


 I want to introduce you to my dear friend and colleague, Bob. We'll see how he's using functional fitness and bodybuilding within my program to achieve his fitness goals as a 73-year-old in extra-ordinary health conditions. 


"I'm a 73-year-old man who values functioning at my highest potential. A pillar of my mental and physical fitness regimen is working out with Nadya, which I have done for the past five years.

What I appreciate the most about her training is her philosophy of whole-body, functional fitness which exercises all muscle systems in all planes of motion. The balance of cardio and strength training, with body weight and dumbbells, makes each new exercise session interesting and challenging. All the variety leads to optimal muscle confusion, and occasional enjoyable cognitive confusion as my brain processes the movements I'm asking it to do.

This has been the best physical training I have experienced in my life. I'd highly recommend it...

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My Fitness Journey - Never Too Late


Happy Pre-Solar Eclipse Saturday!

Today, I want to share my story: a story about overcoming self-doubt, embracing movement, and proving that it's truly never too late to start your fitness journey, or any journey for that matter.


Believe it or not, I wasn't always the fitness enthusiast I am today. In fact, gym class was my least favorite subject in school. Running felt like torture, and let's not even mention sit-ups! I remember dragging my feet to class and feeling discouraged.

Fast forward to my 40s, and things hadn't changed much. Then, a friend invited me on a Wednesday morning run. I was hesitant – 5 kilometers seemed like an impossible feat! After each run, my hips were hurting – the kind of pain no one wants to feel.

One day at the gym, I saw a sign for "leg day" classes. Perfect, I thought! This was the turning point. For the first time, I learned proper form – how to run correctly, how to avoid injuries, and how to truly engage my muscles and use...

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10 Ideas to Hit Your Daily Step Goal

fitness & movement Nov 11, 2023

I have 10 ideas for us to hit your daily steps without struggling in the gym or taking a long walk!



  • Brush Teeth While Walking: Multitask by getting in some steps while you brush your teeth. 

At Work

  • Park Far: Whenever you go out, intentionally park your car a bit farther away from your destination. 
  • Walk and Talk: Make your phone calls or video chats more active by pacing around while you chat. 
  • Use a Stand-Up Desk: If you have the option, work at a stand-up desk to avoid sitting for too long. 
  • Hourly Movement Breaks: Set a reminder to get up and move around for a few minutes every hour. 
  • Take a Longer Route to the Bathroom: Don't choose the closest restroom; opt for one that requires a bit of a walk. 
  • Pick Up Things in the Office / House: Use tidying up as an opportunity to get extra steps in. 

At Home

  • Kitchen Circles: While waiting for something to cook in the microwave, make...
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Elevate Your Fitness Journey with Simple Steps

fitness & movement Aug 27, 2023

Hey there, fitness enthusiasts or not! Have you ever considered the remarkable impact of awareness on your fitness journey? It's time to dive into the world of mindfulness and discover how small changes can make a big difference. Welcome to a blog post that's all about unlocking your potential through simple steps.


The Power of Awareness

Picture this: it's not just about the formal exercise routines; it's about paying attention to what you're already doing (or not doing) while you move (or not move). This concept of awareness creates a habit that has the potential to revolutionize your fitness routine. Let's explore how to kickstart your daily movement habit and achieve those wellness goals.


The Proper Posture Workshop Insights

In our recent Proper Posture Workshop, we delved into the intricate details of postural elements. From the basics like keeping your shoulders down to more specific techniques like tucking your tummy and elongating your chest, we covered a...

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Fitness On the Go

fitness & movement Aug 06, 2023

I had the pleasure of attending an intense conference in CA, and amidst the bustling schedule, I managed to maintain my wellness habits, including mindful eating and fitness awareness.

Today, I want to share some tips on how you can stay active and embrace fitness even during the busiest days - all it takes are tiny wins!

  1. Intentional Posture

    Whether you're standing in line, sitting for a meeting, or carrying heavy bags, be mindful of your posture. Good alignment supports your back and contributes to overall well-being. So, roll your shoulders back, engage your core, and stand tall - you'll be amazed at the positive impact it can have! This is exactly what I will be covering in the upcoming training on Secrets of Postural Aligmment and Injury Prevention on August 25th. Come join me. 

  2. Embrace Tiny Steps

    When time is limited, it's easy to feel discouraged and skip a workout altogether. However, remember that even small bursts of mindful activity matter....

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How to Squeeze Fitness into a Busy Day

fitness & movement May 28, 2023

Just went to the bathroom? Hold your squat for 30 sec or do two push ups on the wall?


Too busy to exercise? In this message we won't talk about a scheduled exercising, like alocating 30 min at a specific time. 

Instead, we will talk about how to squeeze any kind of movement into the flow of your day and how to start so small that it easy to develop the habit of fitting in exercise a minutes or two at a time. 


This technique is good for those who:

  • Need to just get started exercising
  • Too busy to exercise during the day
  • Too tired  to exercise in the evening 
  • Family demands get in the way of exercising 
  • Fell off the track for a while and need to restart
  • Just simply ain't feeling like it

Ready to be amazed how easy it is to succeed?


Step 1. Go tiny. 

We often want all or none. We start,  then it's hard to keep up, we stop and feel guilty for quitting. 

Let's make an agreement once and for all: something is better than...

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What happens when you work out with Nadya

fitness & movement May 19, 2023

Strength, balance, fitness, fun and time saving! 


 Let’s take a tour of what happens in every one of my fitness classes, regardless of the level of intensity.

And, by the way, this is the same structure I use whether you are a private client, join a live group class, or work out to a recording on your own.


Let's dive into the three major parts of the class:


Part 1. Warm up with dynamic stretching to increase mobility, joint range of motion, flexibility, and cardiorespiratory readiness. Simply put, you are now ready for a safe workout. We do this portion for about two minutes.


Part 2. The main workout is a functional exercise routine to ensure body confidence in daily life by increasing our muscular strength and cardiovascular fitness. This portion is usually about 15 to 25 minutes depending on the class.


1-min Plank (for levels 2 and 3 with modifications shown) to finish the class together as a group. 


Part 3....

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How to have FUN with FITNESS


Want to look forward to exercising? Listen to this message or keep reading.


"I don't like exercising" is the comment I get A LOT.

And we obviously understand we have to exercise to keep our bodies healthy.


The question is

how do we change our minds so that we can look forward to exercising and actually enjoy it?

Allow me to offer you the Tool. It works for most but here is the disclaimer: I don't know if it will work for you. To check it out,  give it an honest effort for a week.


Ready for the tool?



When we smile, we trick our brain to enjoy the current activity. The same goes with exercise. The brain is gonna say: ah, she is smiling so we must be enjoying exercising; let me release happy hormones for her. You will naturally start feeling good; emotionally,  physically, and  mentally. 

Let's dive deeper: choose joy


Here are three strategies to choose joy in exercise:



Before you...

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