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What's Your Why?

mindset & mindfulness Jan 08, 2023

What is your WHY? 

Without vision people perish.

While listening to our first book club conversation when we shared why we decided to join the club to read "Start with Why", it made me deeply ponder:

What has happened to our Whys?

Are we clear on our vision, mission? Has it reshaped and changed in the last 2-3 years? 

How about several Whys? Personal Why, business Why, Why In the world?


It occurred to me that the last several years have shaped us into a different way of being and living. Learning to be independent thinkers, independent livers, learning new ways of doing our business. 


During early months of Covid, many of us had an opportunity to slow down and focus on ourselves, to focus on self care, on family, to relax and reestablish. That time allowed us to reevaluate, reset, and rearrange priorities.  

And maybe for some of us, taking care of families and having indoor time took our self-care attention into a direction away from prioritizing self-care. We got too comfortable eating easy-to-reach food and not pushing ourselves outside the house to exercise. 


In the recent years, we morphed into a half-way adjusted way of living. Some of us chose to work from home and found ways to exercise more conveniently. We kept home-cooking options. Some of us have adopted not so healthy ways: we didn't resume exercising, we gained so much weight that it's hard to convince ourselves we can lose it. We might simply feel lathergic, yet knowing we want to change.


Last year some of us jumped back to workouts outside the house, we rejoined gyms, we started dining out more. Life has become a distant after-effect of Covid and what's "normal".


Listening to the book club members, it made me think of how our WHYs have also morphed.  Some of us reclaimed our health, relationships,  and businesses.  We evaluated what's important to us and chose to keep life according to priorities. This category of us have gained power back. We feel momentum and keeping it going. In some ways, we used the last several years to upgrade and update our life to a better version in realms important to us. We feel those tough times have made us stronger and we can handle anything on our way. Kudos to us in this category!!


But how about the category of us who are having a hard time recovering and reclaiming? It's hard to get motivated.  It's hard to find energy.  It's almost painful emotionally and physically.  Gained weight creates so much pain and discomfort that just thinking about exercising hurts.  And we do know it's time to change but feeling like no one close to us can really support us in the way we need. Extra poke we need, but from whom? It's exhausting to think about looking for someone right to help. And after all, it's been so long, what if it doesn't work or change won't last? 

We know it's time to start exercising,  to reset diet, to give up comfort foods, to be the boss of our schedules, to reconnect with old or find new friends, to simply shake up, stand up, dress up  and get out. Where do we find that motivation,  that drive, that do-it-anyway attitude?


What if the answer lies in finding that second mountain, the big mission, the big Why that makes us cry? What if we just need allow our mind to relax into the future we want? What if we create our vision again?  After all, creating a vision is like building a house. Have an idea what you want, plan details, and get to work. 


This is my invitation to all of us to be open to create our own vision. It can be a big Why for life vision. It can be a health vision. It can be our business and team vision. Or any other kind of vision. 

Thinking about how  busy many of us are, I recorded a short and simple course.  It has short videos to walk you through step by step to the completion of your vision board. During the workshop on January 14th will will also walk through the same step-by-step process. In the bundle you get both, the course and the workshop registration. Grab your vision board bundle here.


I hope to see you getting a bundle and creating your vision boards.


Grab your vision board bundle here.


"Without a vision people parish."

"Let us make our future now, and let us make our dreams of tomorrow's  reality." - Malala Yousafzai

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