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How to make accountability fun


Life can be either a fun adventure or a miserable experience. 

Accountability is a part of life. Therefore, we can treat it as either adventure with fun or experience with misery.  It's really up to us.


When I first talk to my potential clients, I often hear how dreadful accountability is for them; though, they know that's exactly what they need to help stick to the journey and be consistent. 

So, 1 do we make accountability not so dreadful and miserable? How do we make it as something we look forward to vs running away?


Before we jump in, do you know what you need an accountability for? What are your goals? What daily actions you want to commit to be accountable to?


The answer is MAKE IT  FUN!!! 

Our critter (survival) brain is like a little child (your inner child). It doesn't like boredom or none pleasant experience. It wants to have fun and play


So ask your inner kid, what would make this experience fun?


So let's make the game:


Game Rule #1. Make believe.  

It's actually not about the experience.  Its about the meaning we bring into the experience. If it's joyful to put running shoes on, we do that with pleasure and it's fun. 

So next time we need to exercise, play a make believe game of bringing the meaning of fun and joy  into it. For example,  it's fun because I get to hear birds chirping. 


Game Rule #2. Make a Fun Menu

This game is not about "one size fits all". It's about your inner child giving you menu of choices and you get to decide which ones to write down. 

So sit with your inner child and her hee/him, 'what would make you smile?"


Last Thursday I was walking in a small local park in Fairfield, Iowa, and noticed so many people playing with some many choices: freezby with friends,  tichi with eyes closed,  hide and sick with kids, hiking, walking, running, biking, oh my!


Game Rule #3. Play with Someone! 

The game is better together. You won't feel alone, lonely and unsupported. Find the players who are committed to be on the field, not the sidelines. Have the players who play on the same team, who support each and lift each other.


Game Rule #4. Have a Party!

The easy way to have fun with each experience is to celebrate it. Celebrate wins. Any wins. Small, big, all wins are worth celebrating! No more chasing a carrot. No more "when, then.." It's time to celebrate showing up, playing together, having options to explore or just choosing joy despite ot may not feel like. 


Celebrate believing you can, you will, and you are not alone!

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