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What happens when you work out with Nadya

fitness & movement May 19, 2023

Strength, balance, fitness, fun and time saving! 


 Let’s take a tour of what happens in every one of my fitness classes, regardless of the level of intensity.

And, by the way, this is the same structure I use whether you are a private client, join a live group class, or work out to a recording on your own.


Let's dive into the three major parts of the class:


Part 1. Warm up with dynamic stretching to increase mobility, joint range of motion, flexibility, and cardiorespiratory readiness. Simply put, you are now ready for a safe workout. We do this portion for about two minutes.


Part 2. The main workout is a functional exercise routine to ensure body confidence in daily life by increasing our muscular strength and cardiovascular fitness. This portion is usually about 15 to 25 minutes depending on the class.


1-min Plank (for levels 2 and 3 with modifications shown) to finish the class together as a group. 


Part 3. Stretching of all muscle groups to cool down and relax.


And yes, a fist bump (I call it 'high five") with a smile at the end to acknowledge and celebrate each other.


Sneak-a-peek of three different levels:

Level 1. Fusion Flow. For those with limited mobility. Great for flexibility and balance. Designed especially for those who are just starting out, those with a sedentary lifestyle, those recovering after surgery, in physical therapy, or anyone who just wants to get moving and get stronger. 15-20 min. Full body functional and corrective exercises. Standing or sitting. No floor work. Workout example

Level 2. Medium Difficulty. Low Impact. Full body strength and cardio workout for 30 minutes. Great for those who want to continue their progress and enjoy the convenience of working out with a group online. This will keep you building strength, balance, and muscle tone. Low-impact cardio along with full body strength training, no hopping or jumping. Includes floor work. Workout example

Level 3. High to Medium Difficulty. High to Low Impact. Full body. 30 minutes. Good for those who have been exercising for a while, want to mix up their routine, learn new tricks, and never get bored. This is your class if you love a challenge that is good for you! Includes hopping, jumping, and floor. I also show modifications for low impact. Workout example


Here are the benefits you get when you work out with me.


Benefit #1. You will learn your body the way you may never have known before, preventing injuries while consistently getting fitter in every way. 


Throughout our workouts, I consistently remind you about proper form and proper posture. I constantly bring awareness to five kinetic-chain key points: feet and ankles, knees, hips, shoulders, neck, and head. 

Knowing the most common muscle compensations and misalignments, I also weave in the elements of corrective exercise in each workout. 

I monitor each participant and speak out adjustments, which every participant utilizes as they can, getting more proficient as they continue to work with me.

With time, your body develops muscle memory and can perform the correct form without consciously thinking about it.

Honoring precise techniques for exercise allows you to do it safely, learn and then be able to remember how to use your body properly. This is essential for a safe and active daily life.

Here is a great blog post on how to build strength with functional fitness.


Hero's Spotlight on Jean. Look at Jean's video testimonial. She stepped into the mud, slipped, and didn't fall.


Benefit #2. When you work out with me, you lose weight the right way.

We engage in multi-joint, compound exercises that require the contraction of multiple muscle groups simultaneously, which results in greater energy expenditure with each repetition. That means your body burns more calories.

This is a form of resistance training. It is beneficial for developing joint and core stability, muscular endurance, increasing lean muscle mass, reducing body fat, as well as building strength, power, and athleticism. In addition, resistance exercise can be an effective way of improving numerous other health markers, for example, lower blood pressure, stress reduction, and more blood sugar control whether you are diabetic or not.

Hero's Spotlight on Carilee

Listen to her testimonial. Her workouts with the combination of nutrition and mindfulness have literally transformed her life!


Benefit #3. When you work out with me, you save time.

It's recommended to do 150 minutes of moderate physical activity per week. That is 30 minutes five days a week. 

Because we use compound movements as I’ve explained, we only need 20-30 min of focused exercise to get all the benefits.

You have two options:

  • Work out with me 2 or 3 times a week plus add your own, for example,  walking, for extra cardiovascular health. 
  • Work out with me 5 days a week. It may look like 3 days a week for 30 min mid to high intensity plus 2 days a week for 20 min low intensity (Fusion Flow). 

Hero's Spotlight! Bob. "I have been working with Nadya for the past three years. Before that, I was in what would be normally considered good shape for a 69-year-old. Fast forward three years to a starting transformation to a body that I thought I had left behind long ago. I got my wrestler's body back after 54 years. The three strength and cardio classes and two strength workouts a week are a non-negotiable part of my weekly routine. I take great pleasure in watching my strength and resilience slowly but inexorably just get better and better. Thank you, Nadya!"


Benefit #4. When you work out with me and the class, you have fun.

Why wouldn't you have fun listening to my instructions with my charming Russian accent? Just kidding. We simply have fun and smile when we work out…particularly when it is hard!

Our workouts are never the same. I always mix our routines up and over a monthly cycle each week is a different difficulty. 

At the end of the plank, the last 10 seconds, I even count down in Russian. 

And at the end of the workout, our fist bump celebrates completion and commitment; it celebrates us as a community. We leave each workout feeling like family.

Here is a fun blog post on how to have fun with fitness, whether you do it on your own or with a group.


Benefit #5. When you work out with me, you know you can do it because you get personalized attention. 

Based on who is in a class and their ability to perform certain exercises, I do my best to show different levels of difficulty. Therefore, even if you come to a Level 3 class, you may find it doable because I show modifications. For example, a simple push-up can be done on the wall, tabletop, or chair, on the floor on the knees, or no knees. Often I hear from members that they feel intimidated until they come to a class. Then they realize with modifications, clear instructions, and personalized attention, they can actually do it and enjoy themselves.

Take a look: Sneak-a-peek of three different levels: 

Level 1. Fusion Flow. Workout example

Level 2. Medium Difficulty. Low Impact.  Workout example

Level 3. High to Medium Difficulty. High to Low Impact. Workout example


Hero's Spotlight! Angela.

Hero's Spotlight! Bridgemoor 55+ Senior Living.

Benefit #6. When you work out with me, your body gains mobility and flexibility.

Flexibility is an important component of our cool-down and stretching. Stretching resets muscles back to their normal length-tension relationships. It can also enhance recovery from exercise and prevent soreness associated with a workout that has really challenged us. Stretching also sets us up to be ready for our next class.  

What can you do with all this information?

Do you feel you can use this for building your strength, balance, and stamina while enjoying exercise in a group?

This is my personal invitation to you. Please join me and the group.


Option 1. Ready to jump in? Click here to start. Remember, you can cancel at any time if you change your mind.

Option 2. Not sure yet? Give us a try for a FREE class or join our upcoming Memorial Day Workout (May 26th, 7:15-7:45 AM CST).

Have questions? Ask your question here or join live Q&A here.


You are not alone! In our group, you are a part of the Power Club. We support and cheer each other on!


With a grateful heart, Nadya

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