Try Groups



Do you thrive in a group?



Then group classes are made for you. You will work out and have group coaching sessions each week live with me and your group.


Group Ultimate Transformation has three elements, fitness, mindset, and nutrition.


In fitness, you will see all the options on this page, from Fusion Flow for those who are just starting out, or have limited mobility, Low Impact Cardio full-body training for 30 minutes, and Level 3 full body strength, cardio, and balance training for 30 minutes.


You'll also have one coaching session per week where we dive into transformational work in mindset and nutrition.


I recommend you jump right into  "try for a week" option. And if so, write in the comments which times appeals to you.


You'll also see questions on this page. These are just for me so I can get to know you better.


Also, note that all classes are Central time zone.


Once you fill out the form, don't forget to put the sessions in your calendar!


I can't wait to see you there.

And remember, it IS better together.