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How to have FUN with FITNESS


Want to look forward to exercising? Listen to this message or keep reading.


"I don't like exercising" is the comment I get A LOT.

And we obviously understand we have to exercise to keep our bodies healthy.


The question is

how do we change our minds so that we can look forward to exercising and actually enjoy it?

Allow me to offer you the Tool. It works for most but here is the disclaimer: I don't know if it will work for you. To check it out,  give it an honest effort for a week.


Ready for the tool?



When we smile, we trick our brain to enjoy the current activity. The same goes with exercise. The brain is gonna say: ah, she is smiling so we must be enjoying exercising; let me release happy hormones for her. You will naturally start feeling good; emotionally,  physically, and  mentally. 

Let's dive deeper: choose joy


Here are three strategies to choose joy in exercise:



Before you exercise or even when you catch yourself thinking of not wanting to exercise (for example, in the morning when you get up and not feeling it or after work when you are already tired), choose to change your mind by thinking ahead. You do it by describing to yourself or someone how great you are going to feel after the exercise. To describe it to yourself, you can say just quietly deep inside or (better) journal or say out loud. So skip thinking about exercising and think about how great you will feel!



While exercising, simply smile. You can do it by smiling intentionally and repeating deep inside how grateful you are for showing up for yourself, and for your body. You can also make funny names for exercises and simply make it a game. 

That's what we do in our group fitness.  We make it fun. Here is an example of our recent Labor Day Punch Friday. Want to try our classes? Click here to grab two complimentary classes. 



Reward yourself after the workout. 

Here are some ideas: 

  • Food. We all love to eat but, in fact, the body needs to eat within 30-40 min after the workout. Go for a Green smoothie, protein shake, fruit or veggie water. Close your eyes and just enjoy the moment and the taste in your mouth. 
  • You can also use this moment to be grateful, to seal the reminder of how great you feel now (the feeling you created before).
  • Celebrate with yourself. Give yourself a high five in the mirror. "Great job, YOU!!"
  • Celebrate with someone. Text your accountability partner. 

As you see, we can make exercise fun by choosing SMILE, with joyful strategies before, during, and after. 


Try it this week and let me know how it goes. 

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