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Fitness On the Go

fitness & movement Aug 06, 2023

I had the pleasure of attending an intense conference in CA, and amidst the bustling schedule, I managed to maintain my wellness habits, including mindful eating and fitness awareness.

Today, I want to share some tips on how you can stay active and embrace fitness even during the busiest days - all it takes are tiny wins!

  1. Intentional Posture

    Whether you're standing in line, sitting for a meeting, or carrying heavy bags, be mindful of your posture. Good alignment supports your back and contributes to overall well-being. So, roll your shoulders back, engage your core, and stand tall - you'll be amazed at the positive impact it can have! This is exactly what I will be covering in the upcoming training on Secrets of Postural Aligmment and Injury Prevention on August 25th. Come join me. 

  2. Embrace Tiny Steps

    When time is limited, it's easy to feel discouraged and skip a workout altogether. However, remember that even small bursts of mindful activity matter. Something is always better than nothing! By taking a couple of minutes for quick exercises like squats, wall push-ups, or jumping jacks, you keep the chain of your fitness routine unbroken. Those tiny wins add up!

  3. Attach Fitness to Daily Actions

    Incorporate fitness into your day-to-day activities using the "when..., then..." tool. For instance, when you have a break between sessions, use that opportunity to stand up and take a short walk to the bathroom or water fountain. Opt for the stairs instead of the elevator whenever possible. When you find yourself with a spare minute or two, seize it for some quick exercises. By attaching fitness to existing actions, you make it a seamless part of your day.

  4. Gratitude for the Wins

    Celebrate every effort you make towards fitness, regardless of how small it may seem. Express gratitude for the few minutes you dedicate to physical activity, and cherish the gift of a healthy body that allows you to travel and thrive.

In conclusion, fitness on the go is all about embracing the tiny wins - those small moments where you prioritize your well-being.

Remember, every step counts, and even during your busiest days, a little bit of mindful activity can make a significant difference.

Safe travels, and take care of yourself!



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