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My Fitness Journey - From Weak to Power

fitness & movement May 06, 2023
If I can run a full marathon, you can live a full life!


Today, I will share my fitness journey from being the worst in PE at school to the success I have now.


You don't have to have talent in order to grow and succeed. 


My worst memories of PE at school were when I was between 11 and 17 years old. Cross-country skiing badly with lots of sweat and struggle, not a single push-up, three sit-ups max. When I was running two kilometers around the stadium I thought I would die. At volleyball, I would run or hide from the ball. At basketball, a big kid jumped over me and I fell. I still feel the planted-face-on-the-floor embarrassment. 

Trust me, it was embarrassing. I was bullied over my physical weaknesses.


Around 2015, I was already in the U.S., and my friend suggested to join her for a run. Amazingly, I had actually started a consistent workout routine and wanted to add running to it. So, I joined her. The problem was, every time I finished a run, my right hip was killing me.I was in such pain I literally could not walk for 2-3 days.. I almost decided that running was not for me.

Then, one day I was walking out of the gym and saw the sign, "Every day is a leg day!" Join Run Club and run a half marathon in 3 months." What!? Is it really possible!!! 13.1 miles?! Crazy. Well, let me join and have these training days as my workout days. Why not.

During one of the training sessions, my coach walked up to me and said, "Nadya, I know you have long beautiful legs, but please keep them under your body, do not throw them in front of you." That little piece of advice fixed my hip pain problem. I also learned the Chi technique. Now I use these two transformational fitness tools in my fitness classes.

Three months later, I ran my frist half marathon (13.1 miles) and a few months later a full marathon (26.2 miles).


In October 2018, I walked into the gym to offer my services as a health coach. Instead, I was asked to be a fitness trainer. Two months later I became a personal fitness trainer.  While working at the gym with private clients and teaching classes, I became fascinated with how to help my clients realign their bodies and exercise correctly so they could be strong, safe and confident in their daily lives. I also received a Corrective Exercise Specialist certification.  


In March 2020, due to the Covid shut down I learned how to teach fitness online. I started training 80% of my private clients on zoom. I also started teaching classes via Facebook lives. Were you one of the folks who joined me on Facebook? 


In May 20th 2020, I formed Coaching By Nadya, LLC. In my practice, I started focusing on building healthy habits through three pillars of health; mindset, nutrition, and fitness.


Today, I still teach fitness online to help busy professionals be confident to move anywhere anytime. You don't have to go to the gym and spend hours working out. We can be mindful and strategic when and how we move. In a word, we can be intentional. Online fitness allows convenience for the committed.

In our group classes, we keep each other accountable, we have fun, and we finish with a fun plank and fist bump.

Last Friday I also recorded an overview of why Functional Fitness is important for building strength and how it works. What I learned on my fitness journey is that functional fitnes is the most useful and practical exersice approach to build strength and confidence. Click on the video in this blog post (above) to listen. Want to join or try our classes?



On my fitness journey, I learned so many valuable lessons and techniques to help my body be strong and confident, prevent injuries, and have fun with fitness anywhere anytime on my own and with my community.

Would you join us?

This week I am opening up my calendar to anwer questions about Functional Fintess with Nadya.

Choose the time, join or ask a question and I will address it. I plan to record my answers and make them available on YouTube Channel playlist Fitness with Nadya and my web site.

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