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Your Guide to Thrive Through The Holidays

mindset & mindfulness Oct 28, 2022


In this message I want to focus on 3 Steps to Thrive Through The Holidays: pick up on movement, mindful eating, and joining the community. 

Do you know that the average American gains 9 lbs during holidays (pre-COVID)? Do you know the average weight gain during COVID is 20+ lbs? Add it up and we are in obesity trouble.

Let's team up and tackle the obesity epidemic so we can fully enjoy our holidays and their special meaning?!

BTW, this guide is for you if you are committed to staying healthy. This guide is NOT for New Year Resolutioners.


Let's jump into 3 Healthy Holidays tips!


3 Steps to Thrive Through Holidays


Step 1. Pick up on our physical activity.

Why? Eat more = need to move more. Calories in/calories out.

If you know you ate more than your body could burn with normal activity, pick up on movement. Keep implementing your regular physical activity and add extra movement to burn those extra calories consumed. Btw, for that purpose, I will be teaching a complimentary After-Thanksgiving Calorie Burn workout. All levels. RSVP here

The best way to burn extra calories is to walk for 10-15 min after the meal and add a workout the morning after. Join our complimentary After-Thanksgiving 30-min full-body Workout. Join the workout HERE.


Step 2. Be mindful.

Stay curious about why you choose certain foods, drinks, and serving sizes as well as stay present to the meaning of holidays.

Let's be clear with our WHY. What is your reason to say healthy? Honestly, what is that big why that motivates you to make certain decisions?

And during holidays, that important reason is our inspiration to not give up or give in. No need to wait for New Year. Now is the best time to keep our 'Why' shining bright.

Let's keep that in mind while choosing certain foods and holiday activities. If you want more clarity, more motivation, more structure, join our upcoming training Healthy Holiday Eating - 3-Step System How to Not Overeat. Register here.


Step 3. Surround yourself with a community of like-minded people. 

It's better together. In fact, we meet weekly and support each other with daily accountability. When we have support from the community, our chances of success increase by 500%!  When we are consistent with accountability, we become consistent with habits. Do you know that you can join our Club for only $35/month? Catch the deal before it goes away here


Let's thrive through holidays with intention: know your why, and plan including mindful eating and movement with the power of the community.


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