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4 Tools & 2 Minutes for Busy and Overwhelmed

mindset & mindfulness Oct 09, 2022

Life is busy. Business and household demands. Maybe even babysitting grandchildren.  Too much on our plates. I know we feel we can't put anything else on top.


And here is the deal … we cannot run on stress and cortisol and be healthy for a long time. 

The good thing is we gotta breathe, move, think, and use other senses anyway, right? It's not conditional and not voluntary; the body does it automatically. 

What I am inviting you is to tap into what you are already doing anyway and use 2 minutes of intentionality. 

  • Intentionally noticing breathing 
  • Intentionally noticing your sences 
  • Intentional movement to energize and cut through negative energy 
  • Intentional positive thinking 

Each of these tools takes 2 min. These are some of the most effective tools I learned that help me relax on demand and be effective as possible. They teach us to be mindful of every moment and use these moments to help ourselves. 

If you want to watch videos, jump here and as soon as you opt in, I will send you all 4.

Here is why and what these tools are.

Tool 1. Take 2 to Breathe. 

It takes two minutes to de-stress the body and move it into a maximum relaxed state. It's the shortcut to turn off stress and activate a physiologic relaxation response by conscious breathing. We are literally tricking your central nervous system. So, sit back, relax, and take 10 deep breaths… and focus your thinking on breathing. 

Tool 2. Activate Senses. 

By activating scenes, we, again, trick our critter brain (its main goal is to help us survive emotionally and physically). So, sit back, relax, and take each breath to focus on what you see, hear, smell, and feel the temperature.

Tool 3. Take 2 to Move.

If you are sitting, go ahead and stand up. Sit back again and stand up. Continue for one minute. At the end of the minute, stop and notice the energy rushing through your body.

Tool 4. What's the gift? 

When you catch yourself thinking negatively, ask yourself, ‘what’s the gift here?’ It allows switching negative thinking (which, again, is designed to help us survive) into a creative, grateful and positive mind.


We don't have to wait for a better time. Just use the time you already have and doing the things unconsciously. Instead, turn on Intentionality and take 2 minutes to focus. 


When will you know it's working?

Right away and…long term when you see the result of internal happiness. Practice often; do your reps every day and experience the magic of life-time


What's next?

Here is the link to videos of the four tools.

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