Health Coach and Virtual Fitness Trainer in Plano Texas


Stress and Fitness Management - Monthly Members Training  

September 28th, Wednesday, 9:30-11 AM CST


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Have Tea with Me

October 5th, Wednesday, 4 PM CST

Bring questions, learn about me and our community, get inspired.


Pain to Power - Free Workshop, October 13th, Thursday, 11:30AM-12:45PM CT

Find strength in body and mind, and balance in health and life, through three pillars of health (mindset, nutrition, and fitness), three steps to transformation (behaviors, beliefs, and identity) and three stages to success (foundation, results, and maintenance) so you can be the best healthy you in any area of your life!


Connect with Your Teen - Workshop with Amanda Chatzikonstantinou,  Hello TrueSelf

October 29th, Saturday, 10-11:30 AM CST



"Let's Talk Health" Facebook Lives

Every Friday 12:05 PM CST

Each week I cover the most hot current topics on mindset, nutrition, and fitness. 

I broadcast inside our Facebook community Friends in Health group

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You can also catch replays on my YouTube channel.


Planning ahead (all central)   



- October 5th. Wed. 4PM. Have Tea With Me. Register:

- October 13th. Th. 11:30 AM. Pain to Power Interactive Workshop.

- October 16th. Sun. 7-Day Healthy Cleanse.  

- October 29th, 10 AM CST. Sat. Connect with Your Teen workshop. Register: Connect with Your Teen



November 2nd. Wed. 4PM. Have Gratitude Tea With Me.

November 10th. Th. 11:30 AM. Pain to Power Interactive Workshop.

November 16th. Wed. 9:30 AM. How to NOT Overeat - Members Training.

November 25th. After-Thanksgiving Calorie Burn.



December 7th. Wed. 4PM. Have Holiday Tea With Me.

December 15th. Th. 11:30 AM. Pain to Power Interactive Workshop.

December 10th. Sat. Self-Compassion Virtual Retreat  



January 1st. Commitment Day

January 4th. Wed. 4PM. Have 2023 Tea With Me.

January 7th. Sun. 7-Day Healthy Cleanse.  

January 14th. Sat. 10 AM. Vision Board Workshop.

January 19th. Th. 11:30 AM. Pain to Power Interactive Workshop.

Ready to Network and Grow with Me? 

Girlfriend Biz Chat

Every 1st and 3rd Tuesday, 12:30 PM CST

Join me, Allie (co-moderator) and several of other professional women as we lead an intimate and warm hour for Women Solopreneurs Group on Alignable. 


Let's Talk Club, East Plano

Every 2nd Sunday, 2:30 PM CST

Learn to speak in public while we all practice skills of different types of speeches, evaluate, and improve.

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