Client Testimonials

Group Ultimate Transformation. "I first want to Thank Nadya for all her help in motivating me.  When I first went to talk to Nadya, it took all my courage, not because she was intimidating, but because I used to be a very motivated, athletic person like Nadya, and now I am overweight and a lump.  I have tried several diets and exercise groups and I couldn't always do what they demanded of me.  So, I felt like a failure.  My thinking was that I am old, fat and I can't do anything about it, even though I wanted to.   Nadya was patient and listened to me. Nadya does low-impact workouts and very beginner exercise that makes it fun. I CAN do it! I am already starting to feel better.  And, my attitude has changed for the better.  I feel like I can make my goals come true, and look and feel better even though I am almost 68 years old. Thank you, Nadya." - Carolee Collins-Wylie, Sew What?

"Everyone needs a coach to stay a the right path. Be it work, home, or health, and Nadya help me be get back on the right path with my health.” – Spencer Murray, Sparklight Biz

".. what a beautiful, passionate, and committed woman! 🙌🏻
Her relentless pursuit to achieve optimum mental, physical, and emotional excellence is inspiring! Visit her page and you will see what I mean!
To be your best at work, family, and play it starts with you. Nadya has all the right tools to get you started!” – Paula M., Team Jewelry 

Ultimate Transformation one-on-one. "Nadya has been a great life coach! I am currently on week 7 of the 90 Day life transformation and it has worked beyond my expectations! If you listen to her advise and are honest with yourself you will achieve great results” – Kevin C. 

Master Your Habits 6-Week Program. “Little pump up videos in the morning set my mood for the whole day really well. They're just so straightforward. It's just like, oh yeah, I can do this! Between the vitamins I started taking lately and these videos, I have feeling better.” – Jean Chastain, Radical Insurance.

Fitness on Demand. “It is easy to follow Nadya in working out and being able to work out at my pace and when I am available to do it.” – Bea M.,Realtor at Ebby Halliday Realtors