Jean Chastain, Radical Insurance

"I thought habits had to be about diet. I realized they could be about anything. My first new habit was getting a calendar and putting my workouts on it and then actually doing them!  


Scheduling everything I do is now a habit. 


What I love about working with Nadya is that getting stronger allows me to do the lifting, bending, carrying and everything else that is needed to live independently as I get older.  


I don't make resolutions. I make plans and stick with them because of what I've learned from Nadya." 


Katy, The Wakeful State, LLC

"I am a member of the Ultimate Transformation course that Coaching by Nadya offers. 


I wanted to give it a quick review and testimonial. 


One of the things I love about it is you have three chances a week to workout live, and if you can't make a class, they are all archived to do any time. I also appreciate that Nadya always does modifications for all fitness levels. I happen to have arthritis badly in both knees so I haven't been able to go climb stairs in about a year. There are a lot of moves I can't do but Nadya modifies them so that I can do them without too much pain. 


I also love the weekly live check-ins we do as a team. We may learn a new skill, talk about the challenges and goals for the week, which is great because it keeps you accountable. 


The biggest Yea moment of my experience with Ultimate Transformation was when I went to a birthday party two weeks ago. When I got there the staff directed me up a flight of stairs to the VIP karaoke room. I thought to myself, this is going to be a problem because it was a full-on staircase up to the next floor. In the past I would have said, well, I guess I'll have to go home now because there is no elevator. This time I got up to the top. It wasn't easy, but this was huge for me. Then I found there was no bathroom on the floor we were on, so I ended up going up and down those stairs three different times. 


I want people to know that there may not be a 100% fix for ailments that we have, but we can make progress in the right direction. I am really happy that this has been able to happen for me. It's great to know I'm going in the right direction with my health. Thank you, Coaching by Nadya!"



"I started to work with Nadya because I had so much trouble with my back. It would often go into spasm from sitting for 12-14 hour days in the office. Its only been a month, but I find Nadya's workouts are fun and beautiful to do. I feel like she has eased me into it in an enjoyable and gentle way.  


I was speaking with my father and he asked me how I was doing. When I thought about it I realized that after only a month I was not feeling the back pain like before and I felt stronger. My hip hasn't gone out of alignment in a month. It does feel different. 


I also noticed that I am getting some definition in my back." 


Carolee Collins-Wylie, Sew What?

"I first want to Thank Nadya for all her help in motivating me. 

When I first went to talk to Nadya, it took all my courage, not because she was intimidating, but because I used to be a very motivated, athletic person like Nadya, and now I am overweight and a lump.  I have tried several diets and exercise groups and I couldn't always do what they demanded of me. 

So, I felt like a failure.  My thinking was that I am old, fat and I can't do anything about it, even though I wanted to.   

Nadya was patient and listened to me. Nadya does low-impact workouts and very beginner exercise that makes it fun. I CAN do it!

I am already starting to feel better.  And, my attitude has changed for the better.  I feel like I can make my goals come true, and look and feel better even though I am almost 68 years old. Thank you, Nadya."


Sandra G., Independent Health Insurance Agent.

"One of the big breakthroughs I had with Nadya was discovering why I was eating at night. Through her guidance and discovery process, I discovered that eating at night made me feel in control, and that made me feel good. So Ice cream and cookies at night made me feel in control! The feeling of needing to be in control in order to feel good was making me make not-good choices on my food.

Now at night, I stop and listen to what is going on and discover what I am doing, and then make better choices that have actually empowered me and put me in control of what I am eating.

Now I make cantaloupe smoothies at night with almond milk that taste like ice cream. They are delicious, super-satisfying, and I can tell you that I have lost almost 12 pounds.

Nadya's coaching is amazing. This is only one of many breakthroughs I have had with her. I am getting more than I expected to get. I am very pleased, happy, and on my journey to more weight loss." 


Gina Schenk., Black Bull Capital Partners

"I entered for the Healthy Cleanse and found a Community."

Susan M Husa, Animate Life Coaching

 "Nadya is delightful and so lovely! I am marveling at how much she knows for caring for her clients and her heart is beyond genuine - she's funny, and an overall wonderful being! I'm thankful to have met her. Her programs are beyond anything I've seen including so much for your mind, body, and soul. She cares! I love that she really truly cares."

Annette Kam, Author "WAIT - Don't Die Yet!" 

"I feel like I am in the presence of positivity when I'm interacting with Nadya! She is so full of joy and yet there is such calmness about her, it's just hard to explain. I feel very fortunate to have met her. "

Allie Marcus, Independent Life Insurance Agent 

"Oh my goodness, what to say about Nadya? She spreads light wherever she goes. She exudes light and has a radiant energy. If I could sum her up I would say she is the person that can turn lemons into lemonade. I am so fortunate that she asked me to co-moderate the Women's Solopreneurs Group with her. We do a "GIRLFRIENDS BIZ CHAT" in the group and the way she uses her coaching skills and we start with these beautiful breathing exercise puts everyone in the right mindset. Nadya it is my absolute delight to know and collaborate with you 💜"

Spencer Murray, Sparklight Biz

"Everyone needs a coach to stay a the right path. Be it work, home, or health, and Nadya help me be get back on the right path with my health.”

Paula M., Team Jewelry

".. what a beautiful, passionate, and committed woman! 🙌🏻
Her relentless pursuit to achieve optimum mental, physical, and emotional excellence is inspiring! Visit her page and you will see what I mean!
To be your best at work, family, and play it starts with you. Nadya has all the right tools to get you started!”