From Pain to Strength

Does this sound like you?

You want to feel stronger,

have more energy,

have less pain and inflammation, 

be more mindful in eating and consistent in exercising.

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Let's prioritize YOU through a daily self-care routine in mindset, nutrition, and fitness one habit at a time. It's the Ultimate Transformation.

You're probably already succeeding in many areas of your life ... 

But, you know something is not right.


From the outside you look strong, you look confident, you look successful.

You are hope and a guiding light for your clients, patients and customers and you love taking care of your people.

Your energy goes into empowering and improving the lives of those you work with.


Great at helping others, you neglect your own needs.


What many don't see are the sacrifices, compromises and neglect when it comes to YOUR health.


This isn't about other people however, this is about YOU.

This is about how you feel, how you look after yourself and how you want to live. This is about your relationship with yourself. It's about self-love through self-acceptance; self-love though self-care. It's about loving yourself through nutrition, movement and lifestyle of gratitude.


Now I'm guessing by reading this, your head is already filling with thoughts of...

"I don't have time for this."
"My clients have to come first."
"In an ideal world."
"I am so busy right now; I will start when my schedule is more open."


Remember this...  the best possible way you can show up for your clients is by showing up for yourself.

Let's dig a little deeper - how much of this reads like a play by play of your life?


  • You invest in everything except yourself 
  • Your endless to-do list is killing  your self-care time
  • You're constantly battling fatigue, determined to go to Friday drinks with the girls but secretly wishing you were under a blanket at home
  • You're one meeting away from screaming at your children and your partner
  • Despite the constant drag of exhaustion, sleep is a struggle, and you often end up with the light on making notes for work the next day; your head spins a hundred miles an hour and you can’t stop thinking
  • You're in serious trouble when it comes to self-talk  – you are not kind to yourself, you are negative and you don't trust or believe in yourself 
  • Any attempt to take charge of your life, get back to your former self or move forwards only ends one way - you get stuck, lose your motivation and the cycle continues. Each time you feel more and more like a failure and less worthy or able to turn your life around
  • Your 5am gym sessions may as well be a night in a prison cell through all the 'enjoyment' you get from them. They've become a necessary punishment in your mind.
  • You're sick and tired of waking up every morning simply to recall every single thing you ate the day before, counting every calorie, so you know just how much self-loathing to take into the shower
  • You look in the mirror and all you see is failure, disappointment and someone looking back at you that you're not proud of and don't recognise
  • Food is your new best friend; it tastes good, it doesn't ask questions and it's always there for you; you are addicted to sugar and constantly crave the sweet stuff 
What really winds you up though, drags you down and takes your head for a spin is this...
"I do this for a living! I help people with health and wellness so WHY WHY WHY can't I do it for myself?" Because you're fitting everyone else's oxygen mask first.  Fit your own oxygen mask first.   You're no use to anyone if you're running on empty.   Caring for yourself first is the best thing you can do, in order to help others. It isn't selfish, it's essential.  It's time to put the oxygen mask on you firs

It's Now Time to Take Care of YOU!

So take a deep breath...
- release that anxiety
- let go of the frustration
- quiet those impulses 
- let’s help your body, mind, and soul
Together we are going to bring OUR SELF-CARE to BALANCE one habit at a time.
For the past 13 years, I’ve been helping professional women using my signature program, the Ultimate Transformation.  Designed to nourish women's bodies, minds, and souls so they can have health and life they desire...
  • naturally generates and maintains energy levels
  • reduces stress and overwhelm by setting non-negotiable self-care routines and being flexible in their implementation 
  • transforms negative self-talk into curiosity and love
  • transforms your relationship with the past by letting it go and leaving it where it belongs
  • helps you breakthrough the bad habits 
  • promotes a positive relationship and love for your body through movement and food
  • creates a new vision of yourself with full power, self-expression and your own voice
  • you wil enjoy fitness because we will have fun together and the body will eventually enjoy it too; each morning you will wake up looking forward to exercise

Ultimate Transformation is Built on 3 Pillars



Making small shifts in your mindset, your habits, limited beliefs that keep you stuck, and eventually, identity


Making small shifts in your foundational nutrition by mindful eating, uncovering patterns, and practicing new choices. 

I also implement Sugar Protocol: high to medium to low sugar impact diet.


Assessing and building a customized approach to foundational movement with functional and corrective exercises, proper form which you can do anytime, anywhere on your own schedule. 

Transformation is a 3-Step Process

This is behavior, belief and action based

Step #1: Behaviors


We Identify behaviors that you want and don't want and beliefs that keep you stuck.

Step #2: Beliefs


We educate and empower you with tools and techniques to  breakthrough limited beliefs and practice to achieve the goals you set in the beginning. 


Step #3: Identity


This process of practicing new ways means your new habits will become natural. They will become are who you are and simply what you do. The become your new identity.


Are you ready to

Prioritize yourself?

Love yourself through daily choices of mindset, nutrition, and fitness?

So you can have strength in your body and mind, balance in health and life and 

have the life you desire?

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A recent client interview & testimonials

"I would not have made it through COVID if I had not regained my health and fitness."


Lives Transformed, Thousands of Dollars Saved

“Nadya is a fantastic fitness guide but most importantly, a mindset coach. Her accountability concept about one’s ‘non-negotiables’ has really made a huge impact on me. I am usually an all-or-nothing type of perfectionist but with a toddler now, I have to find a way to still make myself a priority when he throws off my plans. And being flexible about what part is negotiable and then dedicated to what isn’t is making all the difference in staying committed to my self-care.” - Summer, Seattle

"Over the decades, I've spent thousands of dollars on therapy to learn habit change - getting rid of negative self-talk, reacting instead of responding, sandwiching a negative response between two positives, etc. - when all I had to do was come to Nadya's coaching sessions :-D" - Jean Chastain

"What makes Nadya a gem is her sincerity; she comes from her core and walks her talk.  Her offerings are also her own personal practices.  In addition to addressing our physical selves, Nadya pulls in other life aspects that help us feel most alive- nutrition and mindset.  She structures her time to maximize effectiveness: offering additional trainings, such as with time management, answering questions, and making nutritional suggestions to maximize workout benefits.  She obviously lives the benefits of her teachings." - Anne C.

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