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Feeling stuck?

In this message, I will share with you what to do when you feel stuck. 


Where do you feel stuck? In health?  In weight loss? In a vicious cycle of pain? In negative thoughts? In life?

In fact, I have been feeling stuck thinking what to write for this Sunday reflection and this theme felt quite appropriate. 


So if you are feeling stuck, let's try these steps.


Step 1. Identify where you are stuck. 

Use curiosity.  In fact, in our Masterclass we used the term Curiosity Goggles. Just be curious and simply observe to yourself without judgement using this format: "isn't it interesting that I feel stuck ….(name it). What I really want is …. (name it)."

Stand back and be curious about this "stuck" state. Reflect on what are you doing, thinking and feeling. It's important to identify all three.


Step 2. Acknowledge

and be ok with what's so. No blame, no shame, no right or wrong. It is just what's so. We often want to blame and bully ourselves with negative thinking.  But it takes us even deeper in the hole.  

It is simply 'what's so'.

In fact, "stuck" is a meaning we created for the situation. 


Step 3. What if 

there is a plan to get you 'unstuck', what would it be? If you had someone asking for help and you advising him/her what to do step by step, what would these steps look like in order?

Having a plan is like a road map. It helps us with clarity. It helps us see one step at a time. 

In fact, feeling stuck may feel like we are dealing with too much. What if it's just one thing at a time. 


Step 4. Commit and do 

these one step at a time. 

This one is the tricky one. It must have both elements at the same time: having clarity of that one step and having a support system to back you up. 

Always seek clarity and just do this one thing. We are so trained to handle it all and multitask; our system gets overloaded and overwhelmed. 

Always have the right support and accountability.  So many of us so often give up too soon. Because we may have the right system but we don't have the right support. 

In my personal case, the last two weeks have been really tough emotionally for me. Feeling stuck was absolutely present. In a 45-min conversation with my life coach, I felt so much clarity, light, simplicity,  I meditated finally so well, rested well, slept well, and simply felt the excitement of life back again.


That leads me to

Step 5. Stick to the plan and be ready for road bumps.

Road bumps come. Preparation is the key. Imagine what might happen that can derail your journey or discourage you. Plan what you will do in that situation: actions, thoughts, emotions. And always have the support and accountability. 


I hope this helps. Writing this message, I myself feel better and more inspired. How about you?


Let's all remember,  whatever we want to do in this world, whatever we want to help, it starts with you, deep insight, helping yourself and loving yourself first.

Through unconditional self-love you love the world the same way. 


Loving the world is loving you first.


Reply back and let me know how this message resonates with you.

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Yours, Nadya


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