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How to Break the Cycle of Pain

Hi {{ first_name }},

In this message, we'll talk about types of pain, the causes of pain, and five steps to breaking the pain cycle.

Do you know someone who is in pain? Maybe it is you.

Have you found that when we experience pain, it's really hard to say Yes to many things such as exercising, being active with your grandchildren, and even eating healthier?


We do want to be stronger, feel less inflamed, have more energy, and just simply feel better. We have all positive intentions of doing good but pain cuts into all our good efforts. 

How do we handle pain? Precisely, how do we break the vicious cycle of pain?

If you or you know someone who is experiencing pain, please keep reading. This message may be just the life and happiness saver they need!

The most important foundational step to breaking the cycle of discomfort is to tune into your body and to have two-way communication. 

Btw, what kind of pain are we talking about?
Physical pain (when your body is inflamed or misaligned)
Emotional pain (when you are in transition or overwhelmed)

According to Forbes Magazine, "Although the brain does not process emotional pain and physical pain identically, research on neural pathways suggests there is substantial overlap between the experience of physical and social pain. The cascading events that occur and regions activated in our brains – and therefore our reactions to the acute pain – appear to be similar."

Ways emotional pain may lead to physical pain. When we are stressed, the body is flooded with cortisol, the stress hormone. As a protection mechanism, the body may produce extra fat layers around your organs to protect them from cortisol. This may lead to inflammation and overweight.

Also, when we are under stress, our immune system weakens. Therefore, we are prone to get sick and have less energy. Acute (short-term)  stress that is being experienced over a long period of time becomes chronic stress. Chronic stress, in turn, may lead to heart disease, high blood pressure, type 2 diabetes, and cancer, just to name a few.
How physical pain may lead to emotional pain. When the body is experiencing physical aches and pains, we naturally feel emotionally distressed and may have less energy and motivation.

So how do we break this vicious cycle of pain forever or for as long as we can?


Allow me to share a 5-step process:

STEP 1. MINDFULNESS. Stay Curios and Notice.

First, state to yourself what you are experiencing. What kind of pain is it? What sensations, feelings, emotions, and thoughts are happening?

Next, please be ok with what's so. The body wants to be heard. Accept (I am not saying, give in) that this is what's happening. 

Third, be curious about the REAL underlying cause of pain? Here is a helpful article about types of physical pain.
Dig as deep as you can. Ask a medical or wellness professional if you need help. You can also Join our upcoming Pain to Power Masterclass. On Day #1, we will take a deep look at what's going on in your body. Register for Masterclass here.

STEP 2. 
MINDFULNESS. Imagine living without pain, as if the current pain you are experiencing has passed.  What does your life look like? What will you be able to do that you cannot do right now?

We often want to NOT have pain yet cannot actually imagine our life without pain. We must seek clarity in imagining our mind and body without pain. 

Ways you can practice. Visualizing is a process of creating affirmation statements, Create a vision board. Plan an activity you have always wanted to do.


STEP 3. ACTION! Be proactive and seek solutions, long term. Ask for guidance. Have a plan to follow. STICK TO YOUR PLAN!

From a fitness perspective,
focus on building strength through corrective and functional movement. I teach private, groups and you can also subscribe for On Demand. During the upcoming Masterclass, I can help you build a personalized functional and corrective movement routine. Register for Masterclass here.

From a nutritional perspective, consider
first, mindfully monitoring what and how much you are already eating.
Gradually adjust the quantity and quality of foods in your daily diet.
For food sensitivities, consider taking a lab test. Also, an elimination diet may help you as well. We host a 7-day cleanse every quarter. Ask me. 
In general, some of the most recommended diets are DASH and Mediterranean.

From a mindfulness perspective,
first, notice your major stressors,
then, start a daily self-management routine.
The two tools I recommend to start with: are focusing on deep breathing and learning to say No (start setting boundaries). 

If all this makes you feel uncertain as to where to start, come to the Pain to Power masterclass and we will work on these steps together. Register here.

STEP 4. ACTION! Stick with your journey!!! 

We give up too soon. We want fast results. Yes, we do live in a fast-paced society and want everything fast. BUT we also want the long-term reality of living pain-free so let's be patient and stick to the journey.

To help you, find a like-minded community, where your desired behavior is their norm

Just like Carolee who joined our 7-Day cleanse and journeyed with the group through discovering what foods to eat and what foods her body is sensitive to, eliminating them from her diet. She also started exercising regularly with the group. She lost 16 pounds and feels significantly less physical and mental pain, and much more joy and hope. Even her business has picked up! Listen to her story here.

Or like Katy who was finally able to walk up a long flight of stairs three times, something she could not do even once before.  She committed to physical fitness and stayed with our group to keep herself accountable for the journey. See her testimonial below.

STEP 5. STAY IN ACTION! Reflect, celebrate, adjust.

Along the journey, it is really important to reflect regularly and adjust accordingly.  In the upcoming Pain to Power Masterclass, we will do all three. On Day one, we will complete the steps of noticing, assessing, and building a plan. On Day two, we will practice our chosen steps/ and on Day Three, we will reflect and adjust. Start on your path to a pain-free and powerful life! Register here.


I hope this was beneficial for you. I wish us all to be pain-free, with strength and power!


If you know this is your time and you just must do something, give us a chance to work together and register for the Pain to Power Masterclass.


Yours, Nadya




"I am a member of the Ultimate Transformation course that Coaching by Nadya offers. 

I wanted to give it a quick review and testimonial. 


One of the things I love about it is you have three chances a week to workout live, and if you can't make a class, they are all archived to do any time. I also appreciate that Nadya always does modifications for all fitness levels. I happen to have arthritis badly in both knees so I haven't been able to go climb stairs in about a year. There are a lot of moves I can't do but Nadya modifies them so that I can do them without too much pain.  


I also love the weekly live check-ins we do as a team. We may learn a new skill, and talk about the challenges and goals for the week, which is great because it keeps you accountable. 


The biggest Yea moment of my experience with Ultimate Transformation was when I went to a birthday party two weeks ago. When I got there the staff directed me up a flight of stairs to the VIP karaoke room. I thought to myself, this is going to be a problem because it was a full-on staircase up to the next floor. In the past I would have said, well, I guess I'll have to go home now because there is no elevator. This time I got up to the top. It wasn't easy, but this was huge for me. Then I found there was no bathroom on the floor we were on, so I ended up going up and down those stairs three different times.  


I want people to know that there may not be a 100% fix for ailments that we have, but we can make progress in the right direction. I am really happy that this has been able to happen for me. It's great to know I'm going in the right direction with my health. Thank you, Coaching by Nadya!"


- Katy A.

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