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Hero's Journey - Meet Susan

community & support Feb 05, 2023


"My mood and intention to make healthy choices have changed a great deal…

I choose happiness."


I want to share Susan’s story with you.


Before we met each other,

Susan was having trouble with a lot of pain. She had bad migraines. Susan says: They're pretty much daily and I was really feeling beaten down. I was very depressed and wasn't able to work much. I would eat anything quick and easy, mainly fast-food delivery.


In October 2022, Susan heard me speak at an online meeting. We met one-on-one to get to know each other. Susan was ready to change her health and her mindset. 

She joined the Transformation Club, subscription service for $35 a month, the most basic self-paced level. She needed something inexpensive to get started with. 


Here is how she utilized her Club subscription

First, Susan used the Club program to guide her to adopt healthier choices one step at a time. 

Second, she joined our monthly training and our book club, where we support each other with wins and struggles. 

And third, she joined our Facebook private community chat, where we all cheer each other's achievements. I remember seeing Susan’s posts “I choose to be happy.” Every time that message showed up, my heart would leap with gratitude for her and serve as a reminder to myself. 


Since then,

being in the program has really changed her outlook and life for the better. She feels upbeat. She still has migraines, but she doesn’t let them ruin her day. She says, for example, I’m having a pretty bad migraine today and yet I’m not letting it tear me down. I can enjoy the day anyway, which is what I’m doing.

Susan continues: When it comes to what I eat or what I do, I find that I’m much more intentional. I don't just pick up the phone and order Wendy's because it's fast and easy. I go in the refrigerator and the freezer. I make a smoothie. I make a sandwich. I do something that doesn't actually require much more thought than my familiar fast-food delivery, but it is so much healthier. I'm finding that I have a lot more energy. Yesterday I was feeling a little down and so I got the dog, and we took a long walk around the block. I came back refreshed and was able to get back to work. My mood and intention to make healthy choices have changed a great deal… The program helps to make things happen one step at a time



Wow! I am so proud and happy for Susan. The Club subscription series has helped Susan to jump-start her journey, one step at a time. 


Congratulations Susan! And I look forward to continuing to work with you and celebrating your wins!


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