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Healthy Snacks on the Go

food & nutrition Jul 08, 2023

Snacks are a common part of our daily lives, whether we're feeling bored, slightly hungry, or simply in need of a little something to chew on. However, when we're on vacation or trying to maintain a healthy lifestyle, finding nutritious snack options can be a challenge. In this blog post, we'll explore some concise and practical choices for healthy snacks on the go, allowing you to enjoy your vacation while still feeling good about your food choices.


Step 1: Assess Your Vacation Style


1.1. the type of vacation you'll be embarking on—whether it's a road trip, a flight, or a cruise.

1.2. Determine the duration of your vacation and

1.3. the location you'll be visiting. Take note of nearby shops, grocery stores, fresh markets, and hotel options to help guide your snack choices.


Step 2: Scout What You Already Have

2.1. Before heading out, take stock of your pantry and gather items such as nuts, seeds, whole wheat or sweet potato crackers, dried fruit, dark chocolate, trail mix, pistachios, chia seeds, oatmeal, quinoa, pasta, lentils, coconut, and more.

2.2. Check your counters for fresh fruits like apples and bananas, as well as bread for toasting.

2.3. Then, explore your refrigerator for boiled eggs, sliced chicken or ham, cheese, olives, celery, carrots, yogurt, bell peppers, and other fresh vegetables. If necessary, make a shopping list to supplement your snack options and go shopping.


Step 3: Pack and Preplan

Divide your snacks into separate containers or baggies, considering portion sizes and variety. Consider planning when and what to eat, starting with the most perishable items. Ensure easy access to your snacks while on the go.

 For more detailed snack ideas and tips, click the downloadable file available here.


Choosing healthy snacks during your vacation can contribute to your overall well-being. By planning and prepping ahead of time, you can pack a variety of nutritious options that will keep you satisfied and energized throughout your trip.


Enjoy your vacation with a sense of freedom and satisfaction, knowing that you can indulge in delicious snacks while still nourishing your body.


Safe travels and happy snacking!


Yours, Nadya

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