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The Power of Transformation: A Journey from Struggle to Empowerment - Meet Carolee

community & support Jun 30, 2023

I want to share an incredible story of transformation. Meet Carolee, a remarkable individual I've had the pleasure of knowing for years.

Two years ago, she joined my coaching program, embarking on a fitness journey together. We dove into group accountability calls, focusing on strength-building and weight loss.

During the program, I invited Carolee to join our seven-day healthy cleanse, which she successfully completed multiple times.

Her weight loss journey was already underway, and she was feeling the growing confidence within herself.


A few months ago, Carolee approached me with a heartfelt request. She wanted to join forces and become a Wellness Ambassador, inspired by the tools I offer through Shaklee

As my birthday approached in June, I desired to go on a mission trip to support children—a cause dear to my heart. In an unexpected turn of events, I received a message in May that I had earned a trip from Shaklee. It turned out to be a mission trip to Nashville with Feed the Children. And guess what? I could bring one more person with me. Carolee was one of the top of my list.


Just two days ago, we returned from an inspiring trip, filled with gratitude and compassion. We packed boxes of food and delivered them to families in need, spreading love and support.

Having Carolee as my business partner, supporting herself, loved ones, and our community, has been an incredible blessing. I'm so grateful to witness her growth and dedication as we spread wellness together.


Who do you know that can benefit from this empowering journey? Remember, together, let's prioritize self-care through mindset, nutrition, and fitness, one habit at a time.

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