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A Letter to Self

mindset & mindfulness Dec 04, 2022
Happy Holidays! 


How are you taking December?

Which one out of three are you today?

Are you just like me: Christmas shopping, working, family, and building your plans to finish 2022 and jump-start 2023 and feeling overloaded with tasks to do?

Or you might be not even into holidays, not thinking, no prepping, no holiday shopping. Just taking one day at a time. 

Or maybe you are jumping into important New Year solutions and starting now? Why wait, right?


A Message of Compassion

Whatever situation you find yourself in, I feel I want to bring our intention to compassion.  First of all, for ourselves. In the last few years, we have been going through a rough patch that has been challenging us on many levels: emotional, financial, and relationship. It's been hard.

Let's allow to be easy on ourselves. 


Compassion Exercise 

Step 1.

So take a deep breath in and a deep long breath out. 

Breathe in self-compassion. Breathe out tension. 

Breathe in self-love. 

Breathe in self-acceptance. 

Take your time. 

 Step 2. Write a letter to yourself. An appreciation letter. It can be a short note on a page-long one. The length does not matter.

Step 3. After you write it, read it. Breathe and believe it in. Save it. Feel free to share with me. 


Ready for more?

Join our Self-Compassion Retreat (December 10th, 10 AM CST).  An exclusive two-hour retreat to love your body and life through compassion, movement and vision so you can be strong, powerful and alive for 2023 and years to come.

Here is what we will do duing the Self-Compassion Retreat:

  • A quick meet and greet so we can all get to know each other and truly connect during this special time together.
  • Sharing your stories, wins, and reflecting on the year, and of course, having some fun!
  • A self-compassion movement routine.
  • Self-Compassion Workshop, where I’ll help you tap into your inner wisdom, set your intentions for next year, and find calm, gratitude, and tranquility to guide you through the rest of 2023 and beyond
  • Closing celebration to commemorate the festivities and bask in our gratitude for being able to spend this time with each other. 

 Register for Self-Compassion Retreat Here



Happy Holidays. Love. Peace. Faith. Health. Happiness. Hope.



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