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How to Squeeze Fitness into a Busy Day

fitness & movement May 28, 2023

Just went to the bathroom? Hold your squat for 30 sec or do two push ups on the wall?


Too busy to exercise? In this message we won't talk about a scheduled exercising, like alocating 30 min at a specific time. 

Instead, we will talk about how to squeeze any kind of movement into the flow of your day and how to start so small that it easy to develop the habit of fitting in exercise a minutes or two at a time. 


This technique is good for those who:

  • Need to just get started exercising
  • Too busy to exercise during the day
  • Too tired  to exercise in the evening 
  • Family demands get in the way of exercising 
  • Fell off the track for a while and need to restart
  • Just simply ain't feeling like it

Ready to be amazed how easy it is to succeed?


Step 1. Go tiny. 

We often want all or none. We start,  then it's hard to keep up, we stop and feel guilty for quitting. 

Let's make an agreement once and for all: something is better than nothing. As the author of the Tiny Habits book says, lower your bar.  Therefore, one push-up is better than zero. 

The action must be so small that you may even laugh.

Dont worry, you will add more later.

Here is why tiny is so important: 

  • It's so easy that its no brainer you can do it
  • It doesn't take much time at all
  • Therefore, you feel successful right away.


Step 2. Attach to existing habits. 

Open your calendar and let's look at your day.

Look at your routine step by step. Let's find existing habits, to which you can attach your new ones.

The sequence will go as such:

"After i do… (existing habit), I will… (new action)"


Step 3. Celebrate.

"After I do… (existing habit), I will… (new action),  then I ..... (celebrate)"

It's important to celebrate you new tiny action within 30 seconds. What we are doing is creating new neural pathways to help the brain understand its a good habit. Celebration releases dopamine (a happy  hormone), which reinforces the brain to remember a new habit and want more. 

Celebrating success consistently generates motivation to raise the bar and add more actions. That's how we grow habits from tiny to bigger. For example,  we hold squat longer, we add more push ups.

We are all busy. And some of us feel we are too busy to exercise, yet some of us are busy and still mangage to exercise.  How do you build that into your day? Start tiny. Attach your new action/habit to your existing habits. Celebrate.  Grow into more. 

Ready for more?


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Remember,  love your body through daily choices. 

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