Self-Love Transformation Week:
7 Days to Get in the Habit of Loving Yourself

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Self-Love Transformation Week: Get in the Habit of Loving Yourself... in only 7 days!


Self-care isn't selfish... it's the highest expression of self-love. 

As busy professionals, we often put ourselves last...

Behind family, work, chores and all of the other "life stuff" we believe we have to keep juggling day after day just to keep it all together.

But what about us? When do we make time to take care of ourselves? 

Often, the answer is "next to never."

And while we're busy not loving on ourselves, we're beating ourselves up, too. We tell ourselves we're not good enough, not worthy of love, not deserving of even a moment to rest.

All this negative self-talk is exhausting, and it isn't good for our well-being. 

And here's the most important part:

To really take good care of others, we need to take even better care of ourselves first.

Often, we don't know how to put ourselves first, because we don't love ourselves enough to make ourselves a priority.

That's why I created the Self-Love Transformation Week course -- to help you build a solid foundation of healthy self-care habits for your mind, body and soul, rooted in self-love and self-acceptance.

In this course, as in life, your journey of self-discovery starts with full and complete unconditional acceptance and love for who you truly are.

As you go through this transformational 7 days, you'll learn to slow down, look within and discover what’s holding you back. You'll also uncover the secret to blast through old beliefs that no longer serve you, so you can embrace the amazing spirit you are MEANT TO BE

This amazing, week-long journey will help you:

  • Learn to carve out time just for you so you can cultivate a lasting self-care habit and daily rituals designed to nourish your heart, mind, body and soul
  • Discover your “WHY” and how to crush your limiting beliefs so you can create the LIFE YOU DESIRE
  • MANAGE STRESS so you can thrive instead of merely surviving
  • Love your body through MOVEMENT, NUTRITION and PLAY
  • ACCEPT YOURSELF as the beautiful being you were created to be
  • Make yourself a top priority by regularly PLANNING your self-love practices into your calendar

During each of the 7 days, you'll learn how to replenish yourself -- spiritually, mentally, emotionally and physically -- so you can be your best, and give your best to yourself and the ones you love.

Here's what you get in this self-paced course:

Seven 20- to 45-min video trainings -- one for every day of the week!

  • Day 1. Self-Love Habit and Your Why. If you don't take care of yourself, you can't take care of others. Pure and simple. The best gift you can give to yourself and others is getting into the habit of loving yourself every day. And when you truly understand your WHY for loving yourself, self-care is a habit that will stick -- for life.
  • Day 2. Love Through Stress Reduction. We all experience stress. It's when we learn to manage our stress that we can love ourselves in a way that feels good, and leaves us healthy and whole instead of exhausted and depleted. This module covers the three levels of stress and how to. manage them effectively by building daily routines and "non-negotiables."  
  • Day 3. Love Through Movement. You'll discover why movement is so important for your health and vitality, and learn what types of exercise work best for you, no matter your fitness level. You'll get to experience how mindfulness plays a role in our overall well-being and happiness. Also included is a fun and challenging full-body workout with me (appropriate for all fitness levels!).
  • Day 4. You Are Worth It! Our past does not define us, nor does it shape our future. The stories we tell ourselves are just that -- stories. And the best part is, we get to write new ones. We can start by learning to accept and love ourselves, and give ourselves permission to recognize we ARE ENOUGH, just as we are. This module gives you tools and mindset strategies to leave old patterns that no longer serve you in the past, and step confidently into your future. 
  • Day 5. Love Through Food. You'll discover techniques to eat mindfully, without judgment, in a way that respects your body as the temple it was created to be.  You'll also learn a startlingly simple way to shift your habits and build new ones that enable you to love yourself through food, and in every other aspect of your life!
  • Day 6. Love Through Play.  We've all heard the saying: "all work and no play makes Jill a dull girl." Yet as adults, we forget how good it feels to put aside our work and free ourselves to reunite with our inner child in the spirit of play. However, playing is one of the ultimate expressions of self-love and self-care. And being able to indulge in playtime, for even just a few minutes every day, is essential to loving ourselves and remembering that our worth does not depend on our achievements or success, but in allowing ourselves to embrace the marvelous beings we came here to be. 
  • Day 7. Love Management. Learning to love, accept and care for ourselves is one thing.... keeping the momentum going is another. This module reminds us that learning to love ourselves is an ongoing process, and to focus on progress, not perfection, as you continue on your transformative journey of self-love and healing.

In addition to the full Self-Love Transformation Week course, you also get access to bonus material to help you solidify your self-love practices, including:

  • Comprehensive worksheets you can use to keep yourself accountable and track your progress toward your goals
  • One full body workout you can do whenever you want, and keep coming back to as your fitness level and strength increase
  • Extra resources, tips, and freebies designed to help you expand your self-love and self-care and continue to build on your progress as you go 

 It is absolutely possible to complete this course and begin your self-love transformation by doing one module each day for 7 days. 

That said, you don't have to do it all in a week. You set the pace -- take as long as you need on your journey to total self-love and self-care. 

And you get lifetime access, so you can come back and revisit this program anytime you need.

It's time to start putting yourself and your well-being first so you can become the best version of you. Learn to celebrate and love yourself, just as you are. Begin your journey of self-love today

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"There’s nothing better than the feeling I have when I take time to do my self-care and LOVE ON MYSELF every single day. It’s literally changed my life. I am more positive, vibrant and alive -- I have even lost weight." - Robyn K.

"Nadya is a great coach and really has you dig deep in her courses and makes you realize what your priorities are in life. If you put in the work and listen to her suggestions, you will not regret it! Thanks Nadya!" - Ryan L.N.