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Wellness Vortex Guide: How to Build Consistency in Healthy Habits


A three-phase system designed to help you break through obstacles and embrace your personal power.




This guide is your roadmap to transforming your daily habits, allowing you to confidently establish and maintain a non-negotiable self-care routine. By mastering this routine, you'll be equipped to overcome any challenges that life and business throw your way.


Whether you're a seasoned self-care enthusiast or just beginning your journey, this guide is tailored to meet you where you are and support your growth.


In this Guide, you'll discover:


1. How to Start: 

Learn how to envision your goals, gain clarity on your current situation, and establish the foundation of non-negotiable self-care (through a lense of mindset, nutrition, and fitness) habits.


2. How to Protect and Master: 

Overcome life's demands with strategies to overcome self-sabotage, adaptability, and the right mindset. Discover nutrition and fitness tools that will propel you forward.


3. How to Own: 

Unlock your personal power by mastering relaxation techniques, expanding your being, and embracing love in all aspects of your life.


This guide isn't just a read-through – it's a comprehensive workbook designed to help you reflect and take actionable steps right away!


By the end of this journey, 

you'll have a clear understanding of what drives your big vision, how to set yourself up for success, and what non-negotiable self-care habits are uniquely yours. You'll gain the tools and practices needed to fully embrace your potential and own your power.



I invite you to enjoy this gift and use it to propel your journey forward. 

Remember, all you need is within you. You got the power!


Yours, Nadya

"Dear Nadya. I have been using your daily reflections journal for several weeks. I went back to a prior journal I had ordered and realized I did not enjoy the question prompts nearly as much as yours. Thank you for this simple yet powerful tool."

Bob Ferguson
Wellness Business Owner and Coach