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3-Weeks Weight Loss Intensive

Registration closes on May 5th

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If you need to get fit, look good, lose extra pounds or just simply feel better for summer and willing to sprint, this might be just the right program for you.


Weight Loss Intensive is for you,

  • If you want to sprint into weight loss with a 3-week Intensive.
  • If you want to look good for summer.
  • If you want to get slimmer and stronger at the same time.
  • If you want to lose inches and pounds the right way; without losing muscle.
  • If you think you have tried everything but are still on a weight loss yo-yo cycle.
  • Want to learn the latest weight loss research and approaches.
  • Want to learn your body physiology to have a long-lasting healthy lifestyle. 


What we will do:

Week 1 - energy distribution and nutrition for weight loss

Week 2 - fitness for weight loss and strength 

Week 3 - how to keep long-lasting results


Cost: $297


When: I plan to host 3 group calls pretty soon so do let me know now so we can find the time that works for everyone.


Length of the program: 3 weeks (we may have 4th week as a bonus)



Again I'd like to offer this program only if there is enough demand. So do let me know ASAP.



Ready to get fit, look good, lose extra pounds or just simply feel better for summer and willing to jump into sprint? Use the link below to schedule a brief chat with me



To your best look and feel!

Yours, Nadya


P.S. Hurry! Registration closes on May 5th

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Participants Say

Karyn, home-based business owner

Karyn's transformation journey has been truly remarkable. Over the past few years, she struggled with weight gain and lacked consistency in her efforts to change. However, after joining the Weight Loss Intensive program with Nadya, everything changed for Karyn. With the guidance and support of her personal coach, she found the accountability and goal-setting she needed. Karyn now works out regularly, feels proud of her progress, and is excited about the future. She credits the program for helping her become a better version of herself. If you're on the fence about joining a wellness program, Karyn's advice is to give it a try and experience the personal support and encouragement that can make a big difference. Listen