Deep Dive Session

Congratulations on deciding to change your life.
I look forward to our session!


I acknowledge you for saying Yes to yourself!


You want to improve your health. You may feel stuck with bad eating habits. Your body may feel in pain.

You want to feel stronger and confident. You want finally take care of yourself so you can live healthy longer.

With me, you are in the right place and the right hands.


This session can be a stand alone session to help you breakthrough; it can be a way for you to learn and feel how to work with me.


The session usually has three parts:


Part 1. Getting to know each other conversation

Part 2. Assessment

Part 3. A plan of actions what to do next and providing we decide to work together, we will look at the best program for you.


Here is the process to make the best use of our time together. 

Below is a questionnaire so that I can better understand you and your concerns. Fill that out.  Then, when you've completed that you will be able to pay and find time on my schedule that is most convenient for you. 

So, go complete the Intake Form down below.

Then, when you Submit your answers, you will then see the payment page.

After you complete the payment, you will automatically be directed to my calendar page.


STEP 1:  Complete the Intake Form.

STEP 2: Pay $97 intro price ($250 value).
STEP 3: See my calendar to select the time of our call.


I look froward to seeing you!

STEP 1. Complete the Intake Form

It will help me know you better and assist us to make the most out of our time together.


Complete. Convenient. Corrective. That’s Coaching by Nadya 😃

We active women have a tendency to put our needs last. But to perform our best as professionals, mothers, wives, athletes, and more, we must take the time to love our bodies. 🥰

Nadya is passionate about helping professional women perform their best regardless the playing field! She thoroughly investigates your individual needs and will specifically target the areas that need the most improvement.

With convenient on line classes and consultations, there’s no excuses!

I have been an athlete for most of my life but the increased time sitting at my workspace as well as getting older is taking its toll on my body. Thank you, Nadya, for showing this old dog new tricks and getting me back on track! 🙌🏻

- Paula Mattei, My Team Jewelry

Kevin C., Middle School Coordinator 

"Nadya has been a great life coach! I am currently on week 7 of the 90 Day life transformation and it has worked beyond my expectations! If you listen to her advise and are honest with yourself you will achieve great results.” 

Bob Ferguson, Wellness Business Owner

"Nadya is a gifted teacher and coach. I have been doing one on one fitness training with Nadya for the past three months and I am hooked! Nadya is an attentive and perceptive trainer who does not miss anything. Even working remotely I always feel safe in what I am doing. My results in muscle-building and strength have been impressive. I complement our personal training by attending Nadya's live group strength and cardio classes. The total result is very satisfactory indeed."