“Professional women, does any of this sound like you?”


  • You're constantly battling fatigue, determined to go to Friday drinks with the girls but secretly wishing you were under a blanket at home
  • You're one meeting away from screaming at your boss and jeopardizing the career you've been building since you came out of the womb
  • Despite the constant drag of exhaustion, sleep is usually a struggle, and you often end up with the light on making notes for the big event at work
  • You're in serious need of guidance when it comes to what to say when you talk to yourself - it's not pretty
  • Your 5am gym sessions may as well be a night in a prison cell through all the 'enjoyment' you get from them. They've become a necessary punishment in your mind.
  • You're sick and tired of waking up every morning simply to recall every single thing you ate the day before, counting every calorie, so you know just how much self-loathing to take into the shower

For the past 12 years, I’ve been helping professional women find balance in health and wellness using a simple 3-pillar system. Designed to nourish women inside and out, this system maintains energy levels, reduces stress, challenges negative self-talk and promotes a positive relationship with movement and food.

My 3-pillar system is based on 3 fundamentals:





What sits at the heart of my work is behaviours and beliefs.


This is not about...


- giving things up

- cutting things out

- punishing yourself

- lack

- scarcity




This is about long-lasting change...


- in your life

- in your thinking

- in you feeling

- in your doing

This is behaviour and belief based... change the mind and we change the behaviour and this is the path to wellness.


I empower women to build habits for life. A sustainable method which, over time, doesn’t create change...


No. It creates something far greater...


It creates transformation.



Are you ready to have a life you didn't know you could have? Are you ready to realise you deserve it?

Find balance and empowerment through the mind and body.


And you won't be alone...


This program is designed to provide the greatest support, so you won’t be journeying alone.


Through group coaching you...

- will be surrounded by like-minded people

- will find support in one another as well as your personal coach

- will be part of and create a culture of accountability


And here's how we do it..


- Group coaching sessions

- Group fitness classes

Each session is designed to help you make small shifts… in your mindset… in your nutrition… in your fitness… and in your habits. Little by little and day by day we nurture the mind and nourish the body and you take back control.


- Control of your mind

- Control of your body

- Control of your emotions

- Control of your decisions



All 3 pillars are critical to taking control of your health so you can feel better and live better for the rest of your life!


If you are a professional women, who’s sick and tired, of being sick and tired and you’d like to know how to change your beliefs and your behaviours, to find balance and empowerment through mindset, nutrition and fitness, all you need to do is sign up today!

Join the group program and your journey will start right now.

What's more... all sessions are recorded and accessible at any time and for a limited time only there is an early bird discount of 50%.


Begin your transformation today. 




Unlimited Virtual Group Fitness Classes - Join as many as you like!


Monday at 6:15 AM - Intermediate to Advanced

Monday at 2:45 PM - Low Impact

Wednesday at 6:15 AM - Intermediate to Advanced

Wednesday at 2:45 PM - Low Impact

Friday at 6:15 AM - Intermediate to Advanced

Friday at 2:45 PM - Low Impact


Weekly Group Coaching Sessions

Thursday at 11:15 AM - 45-Minute Zoom call

During each session, we’ll have an educational segment followed by individual laser coaching and accountability partnership for a week. 


Everything is recorded for you!

* Each group fitness class and coaching sessions will be recorded and accessible for you at any time. If you missed a class or a session, you can always catch the replay at your most convenient time. 

* Accessing recordings is as easy as using an app on your smartphone.  


 A solid accountability group

You will not do it alone! We will support and encourage each other every week working on our healthy habits with an accountability partner and every workout sweating together (smile).


BONUS for Early Birds. $150 monthly 50% OFF.