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Ultimate Transformation VIP Club

 Daily Workouts and Weekly Coaching Sessions with a Group and Your Coach LIVE 


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Join us for LIVE workouts every day

Be Accountable in the group and with your coach!


Ultimate VIP Package includes:

Daily Workouts + Weekly Coaching Accountability Calls

This VIP Group is for you if...

  • You know what to do; you are just not doing it

  • You thrive in group settings

  • You need real-time daily accountability with real people and a real coach person

  • You prefer to schedule your self-care and welcome the support of your group

  • You are busy and still want to take care of yourself

  • You want more consistency in your habits

  • You prefer convenience of being virtual - time saver

  • You want to slow down, manage stress and time demands, and not feel guilty for prioritizing self-care

  • You want a comprehensive guided program for self-care, fitness, nutrition and personal development

You are NOT ALONE!

 You get a Solid Accountability Group

With a group of like-minded women, we will support and encourage each other every week working on our healthy habits with accountability partners, your coach, and every workout sweating together, LIVE! 

$150-$397/month, Click to Apply

Your VIP Club includes:

Daily Live Functional Fitness Classes

Unlimited participation, all levels, join any time you want! It's like a gym membership.

Schedule (CST)
  • Monday 7:15 - 7:45 AM CST (all levels)
  • Wednesday 7:15 - 7:45 AM CST (all levels)
  • Friday 7:15 - 7:45 AM CST (all levels)
  • Tuesday 3 - 3:20 PM CST (Fusion Flow, level 1)
  • Thursday 3 - 3:20 PM CST (Fusion Flow, level 1) 

For more details, FAQ, or if you just want fitness, click here.

Weekly Live Group Accountability Calls

We cover essential topics such as mindfulness and mindset, food and nutrition, lifestyle choices, and overcoming the demands and obstacles of busy lives. You will find a strong community of like-minded individuals and embark on a path of personal and life's wellness.

Schedule (CST)
  • Tuesday 8 - 8:45 AM CST (currently open to join)
  • Monday 8:45 - 9:30 AM CST (start time TBD)

With VIP Club Membership,

On Demand (The Club monthly subscription) is absolutely FREE! 

Private Community Chat with Daily Accountability & Monthly Challenges, Monthly Live Training, recorded Fitness Classes, Book Club and Beyond


The program is designed to achieve consistency and sustainability of healthy choices; that is why it is a 6-month commitment.

I know you are very busy and I also know that you know there is never a better time but NOW!

We are waiting for you!

Start your transformation TODAY!

$150-$397/month, Click to Apply

Want just fitness classes?


"I first want to Thank Nadya for all her help in motivating me. 

When I first went to talk to Nadya, it took all my courage, not because she was intimidating, but because I used to be a very motivated, athletic person like Nadya, and now I am overweight and a lump. 

I have tried several diets and exercise groups and I couldn't always do what they demanded of me.  So, I felt like a failure.  My thinking was that I am old, fat and I can't do anything about it, even though I wanted to.   

Nadya was patient and listened to me. Nadya does low-impact workouts and very beginner exercise that makes it fun. I CAN do it! I am already starting to feel better.  And, my attitude has changed for the better. 

I feel like I can make my goals come true, and look and feel better even though I am almost 68 years old. Thank you, Nadya." 
- Carolee Collins-Wylie, Sew What?

"With your guidance and the accountability check-ins with the group, we get actual steps we can do this week to move toward our goals rather than setting goals we never accomplish.

Before being in the Ultimate Transformation group, I was maybe prioritizing self-care maybe once a week, and that was to get a pedicure or manicure or making sure I drink enough water.

Now I have four opportunities each week for either workouts or learning new information, even if I never do anything on my own. Ultimate Transformation has definitely created a lot of accountability and made me prioritize myself way more than before."
- Katy, The Wakeful State, LLC

"At first, it was really hard, but I built in this trigger, 1-2-3 move and I get up. Eating right and exercising make me feel better, so it's positive reinforcement."
Jean, Health and Life Insurance Broker

"I had issues with my habits and consistency, so Nadya and the group have helped me develop those habits and keep me consistent with the accountability group…I am accountable to them.

It helps me stay mindful."
Althea, Insurance broker 

$150-$397/month, Click to Apply