Healthy You in 2022 - Replay

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Find balance in health and life, strength in body and mind through three pillars of mindset, nutrition, and fitness and three steps to transformation (behaviors, beliefs, identity) so you can be best healthy you in 2022 and beyond!



Wellness Business Owner

“Nadya is a fantastic fitness guide but most importantly, a mindset coach. Her accountability concept about one’s ‘non-negotiables’ has really made a huge impact on me. I am usually an all-or-nothing type of perfectionist but with a toddler now, I have to find a way to still make myself a priority when he throws off my plans. And being flexible about what part is negotiable and then dedicated to what isn’t is making all the difference in staying committed to my self-care.”

Juliette Brush-Hoover

Chrysalis Business Coaching

"Nadya is a very passionate and knowledgeable health coach. Her presentation is both informative and accessible. I highly recommend you check out one of her live events as you will come away inspired!"

Annette Kam

Author of "Wait - Don't Die Yet!"

"I had the privilege of sitting in on one Nadya's presentations and I was sincerely impressed with it.  I feel what is important to note is that the atmosphere was different from other presentations I've encountered in my life time. Most presentations are a sales pitch and sometimes a real turnoff. Her's was soothing yet full of important information and kept my attention the whole time because it ALL made sense and it was presented in true Nadya fashion...caring, encouraging, warm and inviting. There are things we probably heard from different sources in tidbits to apply, but Nadya has a gift of bringing it all together to make perfect sense and to make perfect sense to you individually. . Why wouldn't anyone want to be coached by someone like her?"