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Are you feeling?


 Its time to focus on yourself

You need accountability to start

You want to break your bad habits


Are you saying?


Why do I keep overeating and blaming myself?

I am tired of diets and counting calories 

I am so addicted to sugar



Ready to discover compulsions with food, sugar addictions and break yo-yo dieting once and for all?

Transforming Your Relationship With Food

Step 1


Discovering and establishing a basic foundation for your nutritional journey.

(Bad habits, compulsions, limited beliefs, cravings, emotional eating, etc.)

Step 2


Learning and practicing the building blocks of positive habit change with your nutrition.

Step 3


Healthy Habits become your new identity and you find joy in your new relationship with food.


Levels of Participation


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Self-Love Transformation Week

Get in the Habit of Loving Yourself... in only 7 days!

Self-care isn't selfish... it's the highest expression of self-love. 

The Self-Love Transformation Week helps you build a solid foundation of healthy self-care habits for your mind, body and soul, rooted in self-love and self-acceptance.

Your journey of self-discovery starts with full and complete unconditional acceptance and love for who you truly are. Find out what’s holding you back, and how to blast through old beliefs that no longer serve you so you can embrace the amazing spirit you are MEANT TO BE.  

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Master Your Habits

  • 6 weeks long to make sure that the changes you want become permanent.
  • Daily short video tips that you can implement right away. These vary from 90 seconds to just a few minutes to keep them easy to watch.
  • A comprehensive personalized daily tracker to help you see and celebrate your progress.
  • Three 45-min to one hour webinars (week 1, week 3, week 5) to help you break your worst habit, strategically designed to dive deeper into each element of a habit loop.
  • BONUS: When you feel stuck or have questions, you get a complimentary 15 minute private coaching session with Nadya. 
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Help Your Body Help You

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Stephanie C.

"I started out with the goal of eating better and losing weight. What I ended up with was switching my thinking. That became more important to me than the actual food choices. I actually didn't realize I had to shift the way I was thinking.


With that, I started to give myself permission to care for myself. I got to reevaluate the idea that it has to be this way because I've always done it this way. I also was able to meet challenging times with my family, help them see where I was coming from, and do it in such a way as it didn't feel like an attack. I was able to inspire them!


It's been a lot more than I ever thought it was when I signed up. It's been so helpful that I can make a plan, stick with a plan, and realize once I got over my blocks I can do this in 15 minutes a day, it's not hard. I could take time for myself so I can then give more to work and family.


On top of that I realized that I can have good days or bad days depending on sugar levels, and if I can be totally off it, I don't have any pain at all.


It's also true about exercise. I look forward to it because even if I am sort of in pain when I go to do it, by the end of it I'm just happier.


And everyone should pay attention to the impact of sugar. I look at labels now and I'm just shocked at how much sugar is there. If you add up all the different names for sugar it is the first ingredient."

Donyse J.

"I started my health journey on December 3, 2019.


I needed to lose 100 pounds to get my health where it needed to be. I was using a nutrition program and I got to the point where I had lost 65-70 pounds. I knew then that I needed to do more than walk for exercise. I needed to tone and strengthen my muscles. I will be 50 shortly and I knew I needed to make changes so I could go into my senior years without struggles.


I started to work with Nadya and I did lose 100 pounds in nine months, almost to the day.


Nadya helped me strengthen and tone my body as I lost weight, and just as importantly, helped me through the mental and emotional struggles that come when you lose 100 pounds.


Then, in the middle of November, I tested positive for COVID-19. My medical history includes several bouts of pneumonia. I also have hereditary high cholesterol, and because I was significantly overweight for many years, and eating poorly and addicted to sugar, my high cholesterol became a very big deal.


So I started my experience with COVID. One of the things I found out was that sugar feeds COVID-19, so if I had remained addicted to sugar, I would have been in big trouble.


My doctor told me I needed to eat a high protein diet and exercise. Well, I'm happy to say I was already doing those things. Between keeping my nutrition at a high level, walking, and working out with Nadya, I was healthier than at any point in my life going into COVID-19.


I was off work an entire month until I tested negative. I truly believe that had I not taken action when I did, I would not have made it.


This is my charge to you who are listening to my story. If you will take action now when you don't think you need to, you will not regret it. Because I took care of myself, I am now able to be with my daughter and granddaughter. Please, take care of yourself. Nobody else will be able to do it for you. You have to do it for yourself, and it is so worth it. All the fight to get off of sugar and truly dive into self-care is worth it. Because you are worth it."


Re-Energize Your Body and Life with Nutrition

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