Mindset Coaching

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Re-Energize Your Body and Life 

through Mindset Change

It's a marathon; not a sprint


 Together, we focus on:

- Building the best version of yourself by choosing you

- Building your new identity

Are you feeling?


 Its time to focus on yourself

You need accountability to start

You want to break your bad habits


 - You do everything for everyone else (job and family)  

- And you just want to be healthy and stay healthy for life for yourself and family

- You want to learn how to organize your time better and how to stay motivated to focus on myself and put yourself first despite your busy life

- You are not sure what to do when other people (often, your spouse) don’t support you

- You have been putting this off for too long, feeling procrastinating and frustrated

- You are afraid you won't succeed and fail again because you have tried so many things before and still struggling


- OR you are ready to to take yourself to the next level

Change Your Habits - Change Your Life

Schedule Your 15-Min Consult

3-Step System to Transform Your Mindset

Step 1

  • We will figure out where you want to go, be, and what you want.
  • We will look in the mirror to identify the mindset of where you feel stuck.
  • We will figure out who you are and your beliefs.


  • I will teach your where your habit lives in your body and mind in order to understand it and break it?
  • We will start adjusting your habits, 1% a day.


  • We will to use acknowledgmnet and celebration as your daily rutine.

Step 2

  • You will start establishing a new relationship with yourself.
  • I will teach you how to release the negativity and change your perspective on life, leading to a transformation.


  • You will learn and practice the tools to stand up and speak up for yourself, to be the leader of your life, body, voice, power and apply for life.


  • You deserve happiness, love, and fullfillment! 

Step 3

  • We will take a look at where you started, where you’ve been, what you’ve wanted, and where you are now in result of this mindset change.


  • We will set a new base line for your health and life.
  • We will set your own support system to keep growing to the next level.

Help Your Mind Help You

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Summer M., Seattle

“Nadya is a fantastic fitness guide but most importantly, a mindset coach. Her accountability concept about one’s ‘non-negotiables’ has really made a huge impact on me. I am usually an all-or-nothing type of perfectionist but with a toddler now, I have to find a way to still make myself a priority when he throws off my plans. And being flexible about what part is negotiable and then dedicated to what isn’t is making all the difference in staying committed to my self-care.”