How to Not Overeat - The Healthy Holiday Eating Guide

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A simple, 3X3 step system to sail through the holidays making smart food choices that will leave you feeling energized and proud of yourself.

The system works for non-holiday days too. 

Making smart food choices that will leave you feeling energized and proud of yourself.


So what are the steps?

Step 1. Let's be clear with our WHY. What is your why of health and wellness? What is your why of holidays?
Let's keep that in mind while choosing certain foods and holiday activities. 

Step 2. Pick up on physical activity.
If you know you ate more than your body could burn with normal activity, pick up on movement. Implement your non-negotiables and add extra physical activity to burn those extra calories you consumed. 

Step 3. Mental Rehearsal
1. How to powerfully prepare yourself physically and mentally before the meal.
2. What you will be doing during the meal, from the minute you open the door and smell the tasty foods. You will see yourself at the table, holding your plate, choosing the foods, reaching for dessert, reaching for a drink, and when it is time to stop eating.

3. What to do after the feast.


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Mary Holdcroft McKay, Founder of LCWN

"Thank you so much for your excellent presentation today for the La Cima Women's Network. Your approach with adding the "why" do you want and need to eat the right way was excellent. It left us with a "lot of food for thought. 

We know that you are very busy and we appreciate your taking time out of your busy schedule for your presentation on "Healthy Holiday Eating."

Sandra G., Independent Insurance Agent

Before: “With my massive fatigue I am not able to get out of bed before 11 am... Craving sweets

I need exercise,  I need balance, I want to jump off the bed, have foods that are good and I want to eat, look forward taking a walk, life back.“
After: “I can control my sweet tooth. I lost 20 lbs. My blood pressure is back to normal. I am stronger than ever!”