Fitness With Nadya

Fitness Training


Re-Energize Your Body and Life through Movement


Together, we focus on:

  • Strength Training

  • Weight Loss

  • Improved Balance

  • Improved Full Body Functionality 

  • Mindful Movement and Body Awareness


Love Your Body through Movement

With your membership you receive:

  • Unlimited monthly access to all classes

  • Each lesson is different. Never get bored with the same routine. 

  • Each month is different structure of workouts. It's a great way to learn different routines and techniques. 

  • Instant instructions on  proper form. It's a great way to learn the right and safe way.

  • In each workout lesson I show different levels/modifications of intensity and difficulty, so that you can choose your current level to perform.

  • Bonus: with live group classes, FREE access to Fitness on Demand

Appropriate exercises for All Levels 

Low to intermediate intensity - low impact cardio along with full body strength training, no hopping or jumping or floor work

Intermediate to high intensity - full body workout, hopping, jumping and floor. Modifications are always included.

Each full-body workout is 20-30 minutes in length

Choose how you want to work with me,
one of two ways:


Live Group Classes via ZOOM each week
(More accountability!)


Fitness On Demand that is self-paced
(On your own schedule!)


Live Group Classes
via ZOOM

Great for those who want more accountability and are more motivated by live group classes

Schedule (all Central Times) - All Classes are 20 to 30 minutes.

  • Monday at 7:00 AM - Intermediate to High
  • Monday at 2:45 PM - Low to Intermediate 
  • Wednesday at 7:00 AM - Intermediate to High
  • Wednesday at 2:45 PM - Low to Intermediate 
  • Friday at 7:00 AM - Intermediate to High
  • Friday at 2:45 PM - Low to Intermediate 
  • You can join any or ALL classes every week!!!
  • Limited to Small Groups (maximum 10 people)
  • INCLUDES:  Fitness on Demand, so you can repeat any missed workout
  • You can Turn Off your video if you don't want to be seen!
$150 / month (cancel anytime)

Fitness on Demand

Video Recordings / watch on your own schedule

  • Workout when you want
  • Repeat any workout as much as you want
  • Unlimited access to month-full of recorded classes
  • Special bonus:

    FREE 5-Day Movement Challenge

$20 / month subscription (cancel anytime)

My results in muscle-building and strength have been impressive

"I have been doing one on one fitness training with Nadya for the past three months and I am hooked! Nadya is an attentive and perceptive trainer who does not miss anything.

Even working remotely I always feel safe in what I am doing.

My results in muscle-building and strength have been impressive.

I complement our personal training by attending Nadya's live group strength and cardio classes.

The total result is very satisfactory indeed." - Bob F.

A big difference in full body strength

"I needed to tone up and get everything back in its place from losing this amount of weight and so I signed up with Nadia and I've been working out - 30 minutes - three times a week for two weeks now and it is already transforming me. My clothes are fitting better and I discovered the areas that I wasn't feeling muscle at all." - Donyse

1-year anniversary for Dori's weight loss journey

"Nadya has brought me so far in things that I now can do. She's worked with me through a couple of injuries and created special workouts for me encouraged me the whole way. With her help and a diet, I am down 38 pounds." - Dori

I joined the program to workout at home since my work schedule is crazy

"My first workout with Coach Nadya is complete! Thank you for inviting me during my 7 Day Cleanse by Shaklee! It was a great workout to start the day. Exercises made me sweat really good and I could do them with my 15 lbs dumbells. All I could find on 5 minute notice. :-) I joined the program to workout at home since my work schedule is crazy. Thank you, Coach and all the classmates :-)"  - Darya B.


I entered in the session with pain but followed the exercises and left the session feeling no pain!

"Had an awesome low- impact workout today with Nadya. They are predicting snow tomorrow here in Maine and the barometric pressure has dropped today. When this happens my arthritis kicks up a notch and gives me pain and stiffness. However I made a promise to myself I work out everyday with some kind of movement. Tuned in for a challenging low impact aerobic workout with Nadya. I entered in the session with pain but followed the exercises and left the session feeling no pain! Still in no pain 2 hours later! Now that is a win!" - Stephanie C.

I personally need this kind of accountability

"I am really loving low-impact classes offered by "Coaching by Nadya" as they work really well for me. They're well-structured, paced, and fit for any level of fitness. I personally need this kind of accountability so I highly recommend to anyone who wants to make good health choices for themselves." - Oksana B.

Workouts are great and I get results

"Nadya is a great coach! Her workouts are great and get results. Nadya is very kind and compassionate, but encouraging and motivating you to make progress. I really enjoy the virtual workouts." - Melissa 

Help Your Body Help You

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