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In the webinar, we will deal with comfort eating with a simple, practical, step-by-step system.

You'll discover a highly effective, transformational sequence I normally only teach my clients. This tool has helped so many of them move beyond the compulsion to eat for comfort and adopt and sustain long-term healthy habits.


During our time together:

  • We'll look at what, when, and why you crave certain foods.
  • You'll learn how to break the comfort eating habit loop and stop the cycle of self-sabotage for good.
  • I'll introduce you to the menu of healthy options (edible and non-edible) you can start using immediately to upgrade your eating habits.


By the end of the webinar,

 you will have a proven system and create YOUR plan of action to start using right away so you can experience immediate success!

Participants Say

Stephanie C.

"I started out with the goal of eating better and losing weight. What I ended up with was switching my thinking. That became more important to me than the actual food choices. I actually didn't realize I had to shift the way I was thinking. 

With that, I started to give myself permission to care for myself. I got to reevaluate the idea that it has to be this way because I've always done it this way. I also was able to meet challenging times with my family, help them see where I was coming from, and do it in such a way as it didn't feel like an attack. I was able to inspire them! 

It's been a lot more than I ever thought it was when I signed up. It's been so helpful that I can make a plan, stick with a plan, and realize once I got over my blocks I can do this in 15 minutes a day, it's not hard. I could take time for myself so I can then give more to work and family. 

On top of that I realized that I can have good days or bad days depending on sugar levels, and if I can be totally off it, I don't have any pain at all. 

It's also true about exercise. I look forward to it because even if I am sort of in pain when I go to do it, by the end of it I'm just happier. 

And everyone should pay attention to the impact of sugar. I look at labels now and I'm just shocked at how much sugar is there. If you add up all the different names for sugar it is the first ingredient."

Sandara G.

"One of the big breakthroughs I had with Nadya was discovering why I was eating at night.

Through her guidance and discovery process, I discovered that eating at night made me feel in control, and that made me feel good. So Ice cream and cookies at night made me feel in control! The feeling of needing to be in control in order to feel good was making me make not-good choices on my food.

Now at night, I stop and listen to what is going on and discover what I am doing, and then make better choices that have actually empowered me and put me in control of what I am eating. Now I make cantaloupe smoothies at night with almond milk that taste like ice cream. They are delicious, super-satisfying, and I can tell you that I have lost almost 12 pounds.

Nadya's coaching is amazing. This is only one of many breakthroughs I have had with her. I am getting more than I expected to get. I am very pleased, happy, and on my journey to more weight loss."