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Do this one thing to maintain focus and concentration

mindset & mindfulness Aug 28, 2022


How to stay focused while doing the most important task of the day?

Often, we tend to procrastinate when faced with challenging or emotionally charged tasks, so we tend to leave them for later while doing other 'important" washing the kitchen floor.  Believe me, I am speaking from personal experience. 


This technique will help you stay focused for a short time but in that time you can often accomplish than in an hour of focused work. This technique will help you move the needle towards the life you want.


Let's dive. 


The SPRINT Technique: 

short bursts of time (10 -30 min). No distractions. No stopping and talking. No side conversations. No sharing. No snacking. No bathroom break. Stop when it’s time to stop.




Do it now. 


Step 1.

Look at your next week's calendar and decide which action is the needle mover.  Have scheduled/blocked time on your calendar (10-30 min).


Do it before your sprint time.


Step 2.

Prep for the task (like you are prepping for a meeting; open the doc, get notebook ready)


Step 3. 

Prep your reward. It can be a cup of tea, piece of chocolate, check to-do with sound, dance, walk outside; something that makes you feel satisfied and pleased. What we are creating is a dopamine (happy hormone) release strategy)


Sprint time.


Step 4.

Set all technology on no sound, do not disturb. Set your mind on do not disturb as well.


Step 5. 

Set a timer and have it right in front of you so you can see the time running out once you start. 


Step 6.

Start a timer. Go (keep an eye on the clock; it will help your brain to be urgent). 


After sprint time.


Step 7.

Stop when time to stop. Announce out loud you are complete even if it’s just to yourself. Evaluate if needed: what went well, what didn't go so well, what can you do better next time).

Reward yourself. 


To summarize,

the point of the sprint is to tackle the most important and challenging tasks by doing short, fast and laser-focused timed action. 

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  4. How to concentrate and maintain focus - today's message!
  5. Coping with stress.

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