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A Hero's Journey

community & support Sep 18, 2022

I wanted to take you on an actual client journey, a short story of how I take my clients from being overwhelmed, in pain, intimidated about stepping into their strength, power, and confidence. 

Once upon a time, I had a client named Mary.

She was a creative entrepreneur. We had known each other for for about three years. Once she mentioned wanting to talk about weight loss. And it took her (with my reminders) almost a year to finally make an appointment. 

She felt intimidated.

She felt like a failure.

She wanted to lose weight and feel better.


So we sat down for a conversation. There was a history to unpack. From abusive childhood experiences to an authoritative ex-husband and a mother who disapproved of her choices. She had accumulated a lot of guilt and lost her confidence. 


I could hear her pain and despair. It was an authentic voice. I heard her sincerely asking for help and to have a chance to express who she really was. 


For the outside world, as a way of protecting herself, she blocked her emotional authenticity and vulnerability and built the mask of "all is well." It seemed that her physical body had been protecting her from the outside "danger" by gaining weight. As a result, she was overwhelmed with self-loathing, stress, anxiety, inflammation, high blood pressure, digestive issues, and lead a sedentary lifestyle. 


From outside, she looked all together. Her business was going, all was well. But inside, during our conversation,  I could hear her heart  crying for help, for someone to help her break through the pain.


I could hear the plea of her heart.

She was ready and committed to do whatever it took to step into and own her journey to power. 


I showed her the process I go through with my clients.


  • Join the Community of supportive women for daily support and accountability. 
  • Start Fusion Flow (20-min functional exercise for limited mobility) twice a week. 
  • Get on group coaching calls for mindfulness and nutritional support once a week.



Once she joined the community,  she immediately felt supported by women going through their own journeys of pain to power. She was not alone. 

Starting a solid but gentle functional movement routine helped her to feel she could do it!! 

Having conversations in the group, visualizing a life of power, intentionally building new habits, being curious and mindful in daily choices one step at a time helped her mind be clear, empowered, and her bodyl fresh, and energized.


Next she joined the 7-day healthy cleanse group, where she was working on eating fresh veggies, fruit and water to help reset her metabolism, detox her body, jump start weight loss, and cleanse her digestive system. 

She learned to be the boss of her food choices. She trained her brain. She learned that her brain liked cheese and  milk but her body really didn't. She improved her digestion and adjusted  her taste pallet.


She lost 16 lbs and developed a solid, sustainable daily routine to keep her on her path.


She recently upgraded her fitness and now does low, and even high-intensity functional exercises three times a week. She can finally move her arms all the way overhead and she can lift her "butt in the air" while on the floor bridge. Something she couldn't do before. 


She worked on limiting beliefs, the disempowering stories that kept her power blocked by layers of guilt and excess weight. One layer at the time she unpeeled and unpeeled. 


Today, she owns her power. Her voice is strong. Her posture is confident.  Her face is glowing.  She looks 30 years younger to me, no kidding. 

She felt so transformed that she now joined my wellness team so she can also make that impact for other women.

I am so proud of you Mary!


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