The Secrets of Safe Exercise

Discover all you need to know about proper posture, form and modifications.


Discover all you need to know about proper posture, form and modifications









Are you exercising safely?

Are you working out effectively?

Do you think you are exercising with proper form?

Do you know how to move your body to avoid muscle pulls, strains and injuries?



If you answered “NO” to any of these questions, my upcoming workshop,

The Secrets to Safe Exercise

is for YOU.



As an experienced fitness trainer, I see people make this one very potentially painful mistake all the time:

They don’t use proper form!


Whether you’re an avid athlete, a runner, a weight-lifter, or you regularly do group classes, you MUST make sure you practice proper form when you’re exercising.

So many injuries could be avoided, and more progress made, faster, if people understood this one basic concept.

I have been working out with Nadya for 2 weeks. I already can turn my head to the side to see traffic on the left side while driving and I can do my eyebrows at the salon by moving my head back and feeling no pain in my neck." - A.


There In fact, the secrets to proper form that I’m going to share with you in this workshop are ESSENTIAL to ensure that you have a great quality of life for AS LONG AS YOU ARE ALIVE.


These secrets will help you:

• avoid injury,
• reduce post-workout muscle pain and fatigue, and
• ensure you get the best results possible from your fitness routine!



After this informative workshop, you will understand:

• how to do a self-assessment so you can determine where you are in your fitness journey and choose the right exercises and pace for you for maximum safety and impact. That way, you won’t “overdo it” right out of the gate.

• the ins and outs of proper form and stance, and how to move effectively and efficiently throughout your workouts, from basic exercises to more complex movements.

• how to pay attention to your body and recognize when you are “compensating” due to injury or pain, and what to do to fix it so you can have an awesome workout, every time!


During our time together:


I’ll also do a live demonstration to help you assess your form, and show you the proper form for several different types of common exercises. You won’t want to miss it. ;)


"I had a major car accident, which led to a major brain injury and 2 spine injuries. It also resulted in misalignment of my pelvic hip complex. I started working with Nadya because I wanted to ski, hike and bike more and safely. We have been working out for 6 weeks. I just went to a chiropractor and she said my limbo pelvic hip area is so much more aligned!" - A.


If you’re interested in getting more out of your workouts while exercising safely and effectively for maximum results, this workshop is for you!


I look forward to seeing you there.

Join us

Saturday, April 10 at 11 am CST.

Click the link below to register today!



"I have been working with Nadya for a year and a half, and I have been amazed at the changes in my body. As I've integrated more of her online training, I have noticed increasing benefits. At this point, my program involves two intensive upper body strength workouts each week, and three group classes that are a combination of strength and cardio. At the same time, I have been working twice a week with a physical therapist to rehab my knee from a tennis injury. To my delight, I found that the combination of strength training involving complex movements, along with group classes and physical therapy that both involve intense complex movements; agility ladders, jumps, hops, and balance has lead to a level of strength and flexibility I did not anticipate at age 70.

I would highly recommend Nadya to anyone, at any age, who wants to safely and systematically gain strength, agility, and cardiovascular health. She is a delight to work with, knowing just how to push me to my edge and a little beyond. "-  Bob