How to Stop Burnout Before It Stops You

Let's not run on empty and wait for burnout to happen










Why do we experience burnout?


We may know it intellectually and not doing anything about it, or we may not know, chronically running on empty.

Because there is something more important we have to take care of?

What is it?


Family to care for

Business to grow

More money to make

Never-ending to-do list.

What's on it? What's grabbing your attention?


Does this sound like you?

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“How to Stop Burnout Before Burnout Stops You

to find out the ANSWER.



Together we'll discover ways to spot burnout.

emotional signs
physical signs
mental signs
social signs

We will then look at ways to immediately interrupt the pattern at the first sign of burnout.

And finally, we will dive into the prevention of burnout and how to prepare and maintain the body, mind, and soul. 

 "What I value the most in my life is the ability to stay silent and centered inside, no matter what is happening. I have found that the moment I get my bowels in an uproar, as my father would say, I lose perspective and power. 

My first strategy is meditation twice a day, which I have done regularly for the last 52 years since I was 19. I rarely miss this time when I step off the merry-go-round of life and sink back into my inner silence. 

Diet, including significant amounts of high-quality supplements is another key strategy. If we are undernourished, or eating on the run, or eating things that upset our digestion, it is very hard to maintain that sweet inner silence. 

Third, but not necessarily in importance, is exercise, both cardio and strength training. If we keep our bodies fine-tuned and conditioned, including maintaining our muscle mass, we can feel as lively and vital in our 70s and beyond as we ever were in our lives. At least, that is my experience. 

And lastly, I think cultivating loving and deep relationships with others, and engaging in civic activities that benefit my whole community, is crucial for my sense of inner peace and calm. My parents taught me the value of looking beyond my personal interests to my community. Whenever my siblings and I were feeling bad or bored, my mother would remind us to go do something nice for someone else and we would feel better. 

I think it is worth taking some time to consider what makes us deeply happy, dynamic, and peaceful, and then turn those actions into habits. The key to a happy life, in my view, is to think about the habits we want to cultivate, then get after the task of developing them."  - Bob Ferguson

At the end of the workshop, you will have clarity about your own signs of burnout, what exactly to do to interrupt the pattern, and how to maintain your inner calm to prevent burnout.


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